Helping Winter Texans


When Philip Johnson began suffering from chronic pain, he and his wife thought their winters in the Rio Grande Valley were over. Like many Winter Texans, the couple migrated to the south of the country during this season to enjoy the area’s mild temperatures, entertainment activities and beaches. The Johnson’s struggled to find a health care provider that could continue Philip’s treatment during their stays in the Valley – until they found Center for Pain Management.

Dr. Chowdhury and the staff at Center for Pain Management have made it possible for the Johnsons to continue enjoying their time in the Valley. “Center for Pain Management has made a difference in my life,” says Johnson. “If I wouldn’t have found it, I wouldn’t be down here – I would still be in Ohio.” The 68-year-old Ohio native suffers from chronic back pain and Failed Back Surgery Syndrome that have to be managed through the use of an intrathecal morphine pump.

The pain pump that Johnson had implanted back home in Ohio reduces severe chronic pain by delivering pain medication directly to the fluid surrounding the spinal cord. This catheter delivery system reduces the side effects of the pain medication and allows it to interrupt pain signals before they even reach the brain. This allows chronic pain sufferers, like Johnson, to enjoy their daily activities without being debilitated by pain.

Although his pump needs to be refilled and maintained regularly, Center for Pain Management has made it possible for Philip Johnson to continue his treatment when he is staying in the Rio Grande Valley. “I have a pain pump through Worker’s Compensation and Dr. Chowdhury was the only one that accepted Ohio Worker’s Compensation, “ explains Johnson. The staff at the center made the whole process seamless and stress-free for him. “I just bring in my paperwork. It’s been really easy to receive services.”

Twenty years after its establishment, Center for Pain Management has become the leading clinic of its kind in the Rio Grande Valley. The clinic specializes in pain management treatments for patients suffering from conditions like nerve pain, cancer, arthritis, shingles, herniated discs and headaches. Breakthrough technologies and treatments in pain management, such as MILD (Minimally Invasive lumbar decompression) and radio frequency denervation.

Center for Pain Management’s founder and physician, Dr. Tajul Chowdhury, comes with many years of experience in pain management. After obtaining an M.B.B.S. in Bangladesh, he completed additional training in Boston University and Harvard. He served as Assistant, Chief of Anesthesia at Boston City Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts, Attending Staff Physician at St. Paul Medical Center in Dallas, Texas and Medical Director and Chief of Anesthesia at Knapp Medical Center in Weslaco, Texas. Dr. Chowdhury has also received numerous awards and affiliations, such as Board Certification from the American Academy of Pain Management, Fellow in the American Academy of Disability Evaluating Physicians.

Although he has plenty of qualifications, his compassionate attitude and bedside manner are what set him apart from other doctors in the area. Philip Johnson explains that Dr. Chowdhury is different from other doctors he has visited because he sits down and listens to his patients. “He’s very likeable. He listens to you,” says Johnson.The clinic and its staff have a strong commitment to help their patients find relief from their pain and to make their treatment as pleasant as possible. sfg