High Tech Auto repair


By Joey Gomez

Photo by Daniel Flores

Advanced electronic, computer and technological repairs are now standard for newer vehicles. Technology in today’s vehicles is making technical adroitness a necessity for those who want to continue in the automotive repair industry.
Sheer mechanical ability is being trumped by degreed professionals who relate more to Steve Jobs’ entrepreneurial spirit, than famed mechanic Smokey Yunick’s car prowess.
Harmodio “Mody” Diaz-Granados III, General Manager at Premium Automotive Services is a blend of both. Mody received an engineering degree from the Monterrey Tec (Instituto Tecnologico de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey) with a double major in Industrial and Systems Engineering. As part of his university studies, Mody traveled to Wolfsburg Germany to study automotive engineering and design. His education and training has allowed Premium Automotive Services to expand their domestic, Asian and European capabilities to include euro vehicles’ like Land Rover, Volvo and Jaguar.
“To work on these cars, you have to have the technology, so a diagnostic computer with original manufacturer/dealer capabilities is just as important as a wrench. Because of the advancement of technology in vehicle’s systems, these capabilities are continuing to grow as a necessity to service/repair vehicles. Automotive technology is moving by leaps and bounds” Mody said.
Computer software, usually only found at new car dealerships, enables Premium Automotive to “flash program” modules (computers) in vehicles. This technology is similar to updating your home computer from Windows 7 to Windows 8 software. This is called “flash programming” the module that is being worked on by the technician.
For example, “A Jaguar XJ8 L came in recently, and its owner complained that the check engine light was on and a slight hiccup sensation occurred while accelerating. We brought the Jaguar into the shop, connected our dealer equivalent diagnostic computer and checked the vehicles diagnostic trouble codes,” Mody said.
“To repair the problem, there was nothing one could have tightened, loosened, or cleaned, nor was there a part to be replaced,” he said. “The problem was a computer based technology problem. By re-programming the vehicle’s engine computer software, the problem was solved. The on-board electronics now properly performed their control and monitoring functions. Here is a good example of when technology comes into play.”
“Without the proper diagnostic computer, we could not have been able to fix the customers vehicle. This is true for all makes and models too. It’s not just true for the luxury vehicles , but domestic makes are going that route as well. It’s something the car manufacturers have done to save money and time. You can erase the program and replace it with updated software without having to replace the module,” Mody said.
The business first opened its doors in 2005 under the franchised name of All Tune and Lube – Edinburg. In 2007, the Diaz-Granados Family purchased the business and in 2012 the business became an independent service and repair center, changing the name to Premium Automotive Services. Since the beginning, the business has been managed by the Diaz-Granados family. Mody Diaz-Granados (engineer) is the service advisor and operations manager. Mrs. Lidia Diaz-Granados (retired teacher) is the office manager handling front counter tasks to public relations. Harmon Diaz-Granados (retired manufacturing financial controller and CPA) is the general manager and accountant.
“The Valley is growing demographically and income levels are rising as more businesses are established in the Valley. These statistics are motivating investors to expand and open new car dealerships all across the valley. As a consequence we believe there will be a growing demand for servicing and repairing these vehicles. As manufacturer warranties expire, I want car owners to consider Premium Automotive Services as an excellent place to take their cars for servicing and repairs” said Mody.
“Today, Premium Automotive Services still holds to the same beliefs we had when we first made the decision to go into business. Customer service, honesty, professionalism and quality workmanship are the values that will drive our business forward” said Mody.
Premium Automotive Services is located at 122 N. McColl Road in Edinburg. Mody can be reached at (956)318-5126.