Sell That House!

home maintenance

Howdy Summer 2016!  We are glad to be done with sweaters and jackets, and welcome the lighter materials necessary to survive our scorching hot RGV summers! Our closets need to be organized and groomed for the new season, and just as our closets need updating, so do our homes.  Summer is the perfect time to get any upgrades or updating done to your home that you have been putting off all year, especially if you have been contemplating selling your home. You might consider these practical maintenance tips to make your home energy efficient, and hopefully make your monthly energy bill a bit more bearable to open.

Hot RGV, Cool Home

Home maintenance is a drag for those of us who lack DIY talents, but it has to get done! The more it is put off the bigger the price tags get. One common issue most homeowners overlook is the window caulking, and the weather strips on the doorways. Making sure both are properly sealed can help reduce the amount of air escaping or outside heat penetration. If you have a bigger budget to work with, adding sun-screens or shutters are a great investment; buyers like those details.

The garage is probably the most inefficient square footage of your house and is probably treated as an extension of the outside.  If your garage is attached to your home, the hot air penetrates the walls, the attic and can ultimately make your cooling system work harder to keep your home cool. If you are in the building process it wouldn’t hurt to verify with you contractor that the garage walls are insulated like the rest of the house. If you are looking to make a small investment with a great impact on your already-built home, the target should be the garage door. Lining the interior of the garage door with reflective insulation will make your space cooler and quieter.

Now let’s talk about the energy guzzler, the air-conditioning. We spoke to High-Pro Service owner Ricardo Benavides, who states that 40 percent of your energy bill is due to this luxury we have become accustomed to. This percentage can be reduced by servicing the units once a year in the early spring. This is especially critical for equipment that is 8 or more years of age. He also mentions that the higher the efficiency ratio “SEER,” the lower your electrical bill and carbon print.  These small home maintenance tips will keep your home in great shape through the years, and if you ever feel like it’s time to upgrade,  keep reading to learn when the best time of the year is to put your home on the market!

Tiny Details, Great Impressions

Regardless of the fun and exciting holidays we celebrate year round, summer seems to be the time of the year the majority of the population looks forward to; this is also true for home buyers. The home-buying season peaks in April and typically reaches its highest point in June-July. This trend is ongoing because consumers prefer to move when school is out and the weather is good.   

Getting your home ready requires some leg-work from the seller; your preferred realtor can do all the marketing, but if the home is not ready for showings, you will have to deal with low offers or expect your home to sit on the market for months.  The first thing a buyer is met with as the doors open is the scent, the second is visual, or how the home looks.  And the third is how the home makes them feel.  Keeping the home cool and setting out cold water-bottles with a personal

note during scheduled showings in the summer time is essential; imagine driving in 100 degree weather touring homes. You end up sweaty and sticky. By staying consistent with these small gestures, buyers will feel comfortable touring your home and spend more time getting to know the property, picturing their daily lives in that space.