IBEX Employer Solutions: Taking HR to a Whole New Level


By Krystal Krenek

IBEX Employer Solutions wants business owners to feel enabled to focus on the passion they have for growing their businesses and not lose focus stumbling over the plethora of human resources tasks.  IBEX aims to alleviate the HR headaches for companies and provides a turnkey solution for everything administrative.

“Working with IBEX is like having a Fortune 500 HR department in your office,” Director of Operations Alicia Hamann avows.

Some of the areas of expertise that IBEX handles for business owners include payroll, taxes, labor laws, safety, workers’ compensation, compliance issues, and other administrative duties.  Additionally, they can oversee comprehensive staffing and recruiting practices as well.  By fostering better working environments that seek to keep employees happy, IBEX helps employee retention rates stay high.

IBEX is a unique company that was started by business owners themselves to help meet their own challenging administrative needs.  Their agency started out small and then began to grow and grow.  After reaping the benefits they created in their own office atmospheres, they wanted to pass along their knowledge to the business community.  Currently, IBEX Employer Solutions operates out of their new Brownsville facility and serves the Rio Grande Valley, San Antonio, Houston, Laredo, and is expanding into the Dallas market.

This two-year-old company can deal in volume discounts through the companies they work with and has even been able to offer employee insurance to small companies who could not otherwise provide such a service.  IBEX feels they are a great fit for underserved companies that may have between ten and thirty employees.  Though this small business sect may be overlooked by administrative companies that pursue businesses with hundreds of employees, IBEX has a real heart for helping the small business owner be competitive in their field while not being overwhelmed by the everyday business issues of a growing company.

IBEX is the creation of the Varela Brothers Group and a member of NAPEO, the National Association of Professional Employer Organizations.  The Varela Brothers are also the organizers behind Pronto Insurance, the first client IBEX took on, who they still partner with today.  Pronto is one of the fastest growing companies in the country, and their HR department is outsourced to IBEX.  The business solution ideas behind the success of the Varela Brothers Group is a driving force behind both IBEX and Pronto Insurance. By handling the time consuming tasks of operating a business, IBEX takes HR to a whole new level and opens the door for business owners to hone in on their plans for making their business flourish.  Ultimately, IBEX provides relief and knowhow for business owners so they can truly get down to business.

IBEX Employer Solutions is located at 805 Media Luna, Suite 100, in Brownsville.  For more information, please visit their website at www.IbexStaffing.com.  To schedule an appointment to visit about your company’s needs, call 956.574.7010, or their toll free number at 1.888.574.7010.