IMAGE HOUSE MEDIA – Driven to Succeed


By Kim Espinoza
Photos By Noah Diego photography

When you have witnessed your parents work tirelessly to open doors for your success, and after your grandparents sacrificed as migrant workers to create opportunities for their children, it’s not a surprise that Jerry Sánchez of ImageHouse Media has pursued his dreams to contribute to the growth of the Rio Grande Valley, building the reputation of a company that treats every client as a partner and works diligently to bring them mutual success.
Jerry Sánchez opened ImageHouse Media in 2002 after realizing his side consulting business was quickly demanding his full attention. Today the McAllen-based ImageHouse Media serves clients in Corpus Christi, Laredo, San Antonio and the Rio Grande Valley but it is always expanding. Mr. Sánchez has twelve years of marketing and advertising experience ranging from independent advertising consulting, a position as marketing director of a local credit union to national work as an account executive with CBS. He recalls his first marketing endeavor that helped him realize his potential to combine passion and skill set to work hard and do what he loves; Mr. Sánchez saw a successful turnout and financial profit for the Battle of the Bands event he promoted for a friend and knew this was the start of something for him.
Since Mr. Sánchez made the decision to devote his full attention to ImageHouse Media in 2009, their business has doubled each year, but he is quick to point out that, “this is not a one-man show; the team deserves the credit.” ImageHouse Media is filled with talented and creative professionals who come together to serve their clients with the best in a range of marketing needs including graphics, web design, event planning and more. The agency takes an integrated approach. “We believe in research, ethics, creativity, networks and delivering outstanding customer service,” says Mr. Sánchez.  So don’t expect them to just hand over a graphic for instance, without taking a sincere interest in the client, seeing the big picture and becoming a partner. The success of this approach can be seen in the varied industries that ImageHouse Media represents.
“We’re proud to work with some of the best brands and business people out there”: Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Rolex, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Pandora, Cartier, TAG Heuer, and many others. “We are also honored to work with strong community leaders like Danny Vela, Michael Sauceda, Ito Deutsch, Ezequiel Reyna Jr. and Alfonso Cavazos. We build the business and work on marketing campaigns as if they are our own business, and we believe we provide great value for our clients as well – so it’s win-win.” He always pushes for the success of his clients, treating each individual project with the same level of motivation as his very first.
Recently, one of ImageHouse Media’s large clients, Mercedes-Benz of San Juan, earned a spot in the top 15 percent of Mercedes dealerships in the United States, only one of two to receive this honor south of Houston. While Mr. Sánchez humbly deflects all credit to the growing dealership, he is thrilled to partner with the dealership and share in their excitement after a successful marketing campaign positioning them as the official Mercedes Benz dealership in the Valley. Mr. Sánchez speaks highly of the dealership’s owner, who like Sánchez values building strong relationships and emphasizes exceptional customer service. He explains, “We are very lucky to be associated with such great organizations, and every client is so important to us.”
As with his company, Jerry Sánchez notes how the Rio Grande Valley is currently growing by leaps and bounds. “I was born in McAllen and have strong roots here. After spending time living in other parts of Texas, I knew I loved it here and wanted to be a part of something big,” he explains. Both of Mr. Sánchez’s parents were dedicated to their roles in education in the Valley; an elementary school was even named for his late mother in 2002, which only further propels him to put his heart into what he does each day, contributing the same work ethic and values as his mother and father. Continuing his passion for building up other leaders, this Valley-native volunteers as the public relations chair with a 32-year-old organization dedicated to building emerging leaders in the community—Leadership  McAllen. Mr. Sánchez and his wife, Julissa, have two daughters who are a part of this family legacy of going the extra mile and pursuing their dreams.