It’s Showtime!



The New McAllen Performing Arts Center is Gearing up for its Second Season of Shows

As the curtains rise, the orchestra begins to play the opening number of a show you have been waiting to see — the show of a lifetime, maybe. When the first notes hit your ears, the tiny hairs on the back of your neck and all over your arms begin to stand up; you feel as if the music is going through you and every other member of the audience. In a world where the largest portion of our daily interactions involve screens, it can be refreshing to share an experience such as this in the presence of other human beings. There is no substitute for being in the same room as your fellow audience members while performers put on a show right before your eyes.

With that in mind, the new McAllen Performing Arts Center is gearing up for its second season of shows. They will be presenting a wide variety of nationally recognized productions of music, dance, and theater for the residents of the Rio Grande Valley. Don’t hesitate to take advantage of this new avenue of access available to high quality shows.

Screen Shot 2017-09-11 at 8.24.55 AMTheater is a mutual endeavor. Everyone there is sharing the same experience and it is something that will never happen again. Here are some tips to further enhance your unique theater-going adventure on the night of the show.

  1. First things first, make sure to buy your tickets as early as possible. The longer you have to make your plans, the better it is!
  2. Arrive early. You wouldn’t want to miss the opening of the show, and that way you can avoid interrupting the show for those seated around you.
  3. Stay seated. Try to avoiding leaving your seat unless absolutely necessary. Try and save restroom breaks until the end of the show or for during intermission.
  4. Go unplugged. You and everyone else came to immerse yourselves in the live performance, so keep all electronics powered off until it is over. Texts, phone calls, and social media can wait.
  5. No pictures. It is not allowed in the theater, and is very distracting for those on stage, as well as fellow audience members.
  6. Volume control. The theater is built to transmit sound on purpose. Laughing or clapping in reaction to the show is always appropriate, but leave the singing to the professionals, and keep your talking to a minimum.
  7. Snacking. Opening packaged food is extremely noisy and disruptive in a theater. It is best to avoid eating during the performance, and save it for the intermission.
  8. Clapping. Show your appreciation by clapping at appropriate times. Sometimes, knowing the appropriate time to clap is difficult. If you are unsure, respond with the audience. Applause is a sound that performers love to hear.

Audience members have the option to purchase one-year memberships to the McAllen Performing Arts Center. Having a membership gives you a wide range of benefits that are designed to further enhance your experience. Some of these benefits include the ability to purchase pre-sale tickets, house seats, complimentary self-parking adjacent to the Performing Arts Center, and access to the Private Members’ Lounge. If you have any questions about the McAllen Performing Arts Center membership program, feel free to call (956) 681-3800 or email