LA PLAYA Goes Against the Current


La Playa Fajita Grill blends quality cuisine from every region of Mexico with Texan palate

osay McAllen has Mexican restaurants is anunderstatement. There are over 80 Mexican restaurants in the city listed on Google alone. The exact number of restaurants is sure to be higher. In this sea of tacos and botanas, it is easy to develop a simplistic view of our native cuisine. However,“La Playa Fajita Grill” from Harlingen is moving in a different direction than its competitors since opening a second location in North McAllen last September.

“Our menu is inspired by every single region in Mexico. We have the coastal region with our seafood, the northern region with our burritos, even Tex-Mex with our fajitas,” says Treviño, nodding in agreement of the establishment’s gastronomic homage to Mexico.

Treviño owns the restaurant along with his mother, Elizabeth, and brother, Isreal. The family founded the business in 2006 with the humble objective of providing great tasting Mexican food. While La Playa has become one of the most successful restaurants in its hometown of Harlingen, the family is not resting on their laurels. Their pragmatic, family-oriented business approach appears to be working. The Treviño family has curated a menu, bar and facility that spares no effort to detail.

“My mother did all the design,” says Daniel Treviño, co-owner of La Playa.

As you cross the frosted glass entry, it is hard to believe the building was once a national chain restaurant. Inside, the fluid curvature of the rows of booths and muted lighting set the tone for the welcoming atmosphere of the restaurant. Throughout the cavernous dining area, insignia from different regions of Mexico act as an indicator of the diverse menu the guest is about to enjoy.

Building off the foundation of a family recipe, the Treviños collaborated with a chef to develop the inimitable flavor in every dish at La Playa.

screen-shot-2017-01-05-at-11-45-01-am“We collaborated with our chef and overtime created what our flavors are now,” says Treviño. “We use our own combination of spices which is what creates our taste for the meats, the base of the soups – everything.”

From the salsa and tortillas de maiz, to the blended queso dip, every ingredient in the kitchen at La Playa is sourced locally to provide the most integrated sabor. “We meet with local vendors to make everything,” says Treviño proudly, a pride that’s evident in the dishes.

Out of the kitchen and behind the bar, La Playa continues to push the boundaries of McAllen brasseries with its nouveau interpretation of classic libations, like the habanero margarita. A Jimador mixture of traditional sour and lime, topped with three dashes of Tabasco, gives an antiquated concoction a new breath.

“We want a comfortable atmosphere for everyone,” says Treviño.

With a still nearly full restaurant at two in the afternoon on a Monday, it appears as though La Playa is fulfilling it mission of “providing high quality Mexican food and award-winning cocktails, at reasonable prices.”

If you are from McAllen and would like to elevate your Mexican dining experience, visit La Playa Fajita Grill at 4400 North Tenth Street. For more information about the restaurant, or to have them cater your next corporate or personal event call (956)928-1515.