Latin-Inspired Food Blog: Kitchen Wrangler

Latin-Inspired Food Blog: Kitchen Wrangler

In 2017, Melissa Guerra closed her retail shop, Latin Kitchen Market, in San Antonio and hopped on a plane the next day to England to study photography from Aimee Twigger of Twigg Studios and Kimberly Espinel of The Little Plantation. Guerra’s goal was to recreate the dark and moody aesthetic from Twigger and Espinel and apply it to her up-and-coming food blog, Kitchen Wrangler. The inspiration behind Kitchen Wrangler’s aesthetic comes from Mexican painter, José Agustín Arrieta, mostly known for his still-life paintings depicting Mexican foods and dishes

Now, four years later, Guerra continues to share recipes specializing in Texas, Mexican, and Latin-American cuisine.

To read more about the Kitchen Wrangler and see some of her local work in the Rio Grande Valley, click here: