Laughing Out Loud


April Fool’s Day, also known as All Fool’s Day is traditionally celebrated every year on April 1. The butt of people’s jokes often are meant to ridicule, humiliate and trick the ones we love the most. And generally… it is hilarious. But how did April Fool’s Day come to pass? Allow me to enlighten you:

The Adventures of Captain Peg-Leg and Clemmons April or the Origin of April Fool’s

Captain Peg-Leg, a pirate, began traveling the seven seas with his crew on the ship, The Copper Kipper, in search of a rare booty,  a stone known as the “Belovian Ruby.” He reached a port, the Dirty Dinghy, and entered a pub where he told tales of the gem hidden in a land known as “Boulder Rocks.”  In the corner drinking alone was a fisherman who overheard the tales. The fisherman, known as Clemons April, told the captain he knew not only where this land was, but had long ago heard where the gem was located.  It was north of the port.  He told the captain that the land was treacherous and he had not dared to go himself.  He drew up a map for the Captain detailing where the precious stone was hidden.

The pirate Captain wasted no time and voyaged for six days.  Once there, he eagerly walked the paces in the map.  Starting from a large dead oak, he began walking north for fifteen paces, thirty-six to the west, fifteen paces south, and then thirty-six paces to the east.  There he began digging, he and his crew dug for six months but found nothing.

Captain Peg-Leg then set back to the port in search of Mr. Clemons April, but once he reached the port he saw a large, lavish ship which must have been three times the size of the Copper Kipper.  Emblazoned on the magnificent ship’s side was its name, the “Belovian Ruby.”  On the ship walked its new captain, Captain Clemons April.  It was the first day of a new month, and Captain April fooled him.

April Fools! That’s not how the celebration began. According to a “reliable source,” no one actually knows the true origins of April Fool’s, but it won’t stop us from hoaxing our loved ones for years to come.


Here are some of RGVision’s readers favorite pranks


And for their safety and reputation they’ll remain anonymous.


  • “Last year, I pranked my kids with frozen milk in their cereal for breakfast.”
  • “One time, I put a scary image of a shark with its mouth wide open on the toilet–my family would pick up the seat cover and get scared.”
  • “My favorite prank was having about ten good friends message my husband repeatedly asking about a “burro” he had for sale on craigslist–HE WAS SO CONFUSED. Then annoyed. Then started to suspect me. He even called his mom to tell her how crazy it was. My friends were all messaging me the conversations. They were full of intricate questions about ‘the burro’ and I had to read them in a different room because I couldn’t stop laughing! To this day I have not told him it was me.”
  • “Once I glued the toilet paper roll, so my family had to tear it apart to get enough pieces to wipe themselves.”
  • “I changed the ringer on my husband’s phone to a song he really hated. It went off during a meeting…he never shut it off until he realized it was his phone. I never did that again.”
  • “I had been dating a guy for about 2 months when I spent the night at his house. It was going to be April 1 the next day and I decided to pull a prank. I took chocolate pudding to his house and hid it in a ziploc baggie in my purse. The next morning I went to the restroom and yelled that I needed toilet paper. I didn’t open the door so he had to shove little sheets under the crack of the door. When I grabbed the t.p. out of his hands, I smeared some chocolate pudding on his fingers. He freaked out and started yelling, ‘its poop, its poop!’ Thankfully we’re still together.”
  • “Me and four friends were in high school smoking pot at a friend’s house. We had rolled up three little “doobies.” We smoked one in the backyard and lit the second one right after. Then all of a sudden one of my friends looks behind the house and jumps the fence and he’s like, ‘Oh my gosh! Guys, guys!’

And we’re like, ‘What?’ He’s like, ‘[The hosts] mom is here! What do we do?’ And so I was running around the backyard with a half-lit joint and I’m like, ‘Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh my God!’ I’m running in circles because I’m super high and freaking out.

And my friend yells, ‘just eat it dude!’ So I eat this lit joint, then I grab this other joint out of my friend’s hand and yell, ‘We’re not going down!’ And while I’m in the process of officially swallowing the last one, my friend yells, APRIL FOOL’S! I think we beat him up after that. Just kidding.”

  • “My dad’s family lives in Dallas. He was about 60 years old when I pulled this joke. I called my cousin in Dallas while she was at work. I said ‘Hey [Cousin],my dad is planning to fly over there and visit you guys, he’s probably going to get on a last minute flight today.’She was so excited and told me about taking the rest of the day off from work. She asks me, ‘what airport is he going to be at?’ And not having done my research on the names of the airports I said, ‘oh the one that’s close by…which one is that?’ She says, ‘Oh, SouthWest Airlines?’ ‘Yea, SouthWest, that one,’ I said. She continues to ask for the specific details until finally I tell her, ‘When Dad gets there you’ll recognize him because he’ll be carrying a sign.’ All confused, she asked, ‘a sign?’ I said, ‘Yea, it’s going to say April Fool’s!’”


Thank you to our readers who participated in this article. Happy April Fool’s Day!