Laying a strong foundation


Noble Charities looks to boost education, health care throughout RGV

Sometimes, all it takes is a single opportunity to reshape the course of the rest of a person’s life. That’s why the leadership team at Noble Texas Builders in Weslaco will start giving local individuals and organizations these kinds of life-changing opportunities through Noble Charities.

“If it wasn’t for somebody giving us advice or assisting us in some way or another or believing in us, we probably wouldn’t have the courage to do what we’re doing right now,” said Juan Delgado, project executive for Noble Texas Builders.

As a company, Noble Texas Builders has a reputation for being active in the community it’s a part of.

“We feel giving back to the community is always in our hearts,” said Alfredo Garcia Jr., director of operations for the company. “It’s part of one of our core values, community. We encourage everybody in our company to be involved in some way or another. Whether it be with their church, whether it be with serving on a board, or just volunteering, we just push for it and we hope that people do it.”

The leaders at Noble Texas Builders work hard to build a sense of belonging and unity in the workplace that inspires the entire team to want to make a difference and be a part of the fabric of the community, president and CEO Rene Capistran added. Establishing Noble Charities in order to have a greater impact on the region was a natural next step — even as that dedication to the community was there from the beginning of the company, which was founded in 2015.

“One of the beautiful things is that all of our employees, we all have the same passion — the passion of assisting and helping,” Delgado said. “It’s when you have a common objective with 52 individuals … it just makes you very strong.”

While Noble Charities is still in its infancy as an official organization, it has already made waves throughout the Rio Grande Valley.

On July 26, Noble Charities saw its inaugural outreach program succeed with a STEM-related field trip for Brownsville ISD students interested in architecture, engineering, and construction. Held at the former Wells Fargo building in downtown Brownsville, Capistran helped bring together figures in city and state government, as well as schools and universities, to help the group of seventh-graders enjoy a real-world experience in science, technology, engineering, and math careers.

The experience resonated. One of the parents of the students called Capistran to thank him for the field trip.

“(The student) wasn’t really sure that construction, engineering was the degree he wanted to look for,” Delgado said, recounting the phone call Capistran received. “But after the walkthrough, it cleared his mind. That day, I remember we gave hardhats to all the students. The parent was very proud and saying, ‘my son is putting your Noble Texas Builders hardhat in his room. He’s very proud and this is the path he wants to follow.’ Sometimes it’s just a little opportunity like that. If it’s helping a student figure out what they want to do as they grow up, that’s amazing.”

Garcia agreed, citing the importance of laying a strong foundation in education for the region.

“It helps those students become our replacements,” he said. “That’s the future. We’re not going to be here forever. We want them to come back here and take over and do better for the community — do better than what it is now.”

Noble Charities was set to host a fundraising fishing tournament Oct. 13 as part of the next steps for the organization.

“Those monies that we raise are going to some of the foundations,” Garcia said. “I think that’s going to help us get really kicked off to a good start. I think once we see the profits and gains on that, we’re going to be able to determine what’s next.”

Beyond the fishing tournament, organizing a committee to help influence who Noble Charities helps in the future is a priority for the company. Future fundraising ideas are in the works, as is the educational endowments Noble Charities is creating with the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley and South Texas College.

While the short-term benefits of Noble Charities, like local organizations receiving funds to help with their efforts, or students earning scholarships, might be obvious, Garcia is most excited about the long-term effect.

“It’d be interesting to see how it impacts the future of our community, the Rio Grande Valley, of hoping students come back to the Valley and they themselves give back,” he said. “I think it multiplies.”

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