Leading readers to success


“I would say that my passion for education was instilled in me by my mother primarily,” said Dr. Cavazos. “She instilled a love of reading and the importance of an education.

She was and continues to be a big foundational piece to what I do each day for our students.”

Taking that notion to heart, Dr. Cavazos can be found each week reading to elementary students across HCISD.

A proponent of collaboration, Dr. Cavazos has been instrumental in expanding the duties of libraries and librarians to further provide students and teachers with the resources needed to enhance the learning that takes place in the classroom. The impact has been so great that they are now referred to as ILCs and librarians are now known as Library Media Specialists. They also carry an assortment of technological resources so that students and teachers can continue their lessons while in the ILC, which are considered to be the largest digital classrooms at any of the HCISD campuses.

Expanding the availability of resources to encourage literacy also applies to district classrooms as a focus is being placed on early childhood literacy. With research indicating that early literacy is a major factor in promoting success throughout students’ academic careers, new programs are being developed and new specialists are being hired to provide students the tools they need for a strong educational foundation, he said.

As he ends his first year as Superintendent of HCISD, he will continue his passion for literacy in the summer as the district will continue their annual Summer Reading Program. The Summer Reading Program will begin with the new HCISD book mobile touring elementary campuses and distributing books, for all grade levels, to students. Activities including story time, literacy related projects, and themed lessons will also be available to students.

Dr. Cavazos has served as the HCISD Superintendent since November 2013. Since his appointment, he has lead HCISD through Strategic Planning, which involved over 800 community members. The district’s strategic plan was adopted by the Board of Trustees in February 2014 and will continue to set the path for student achievement for the next three to five years. Initiatives from the plan include a focus on early literacy, engaged learning, and community involvement.