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For anyone looking to improve, grow, and develop — whether in the workplace or in one’s personal life — they don’t have to do it alone; there’s a service that can help.

Allen Tappe founded the Tappe Group, a performance coaching business, after returning to the U.S. from South Africa, where he spent time in ministry. He said that experience led him to recognize a need in the marketplace for someone to help others through challenging times, be it “with employers … their health, or just with the challenge of life and family.”

So in 1995, he opened the practice to use the lessons he learned as a tennis coach, mortgage banker, minister, professional speaker, and author to “help people become more effective in their own lives.”

“We try to help people get to a place where they claim their spot,” Tappe said. “Part of that flows from challenging them to make sure they have fitness in life, not just physical, but philosophical.”

Upon receiving a new client, the company’s first step is to take an assessment of the organization or individual in order to create a “purposed performance” culture. After that, the philosophy-based training begins. The sessions can be done over the phone or face-to-face through video chat.

“We talk with them about the difference between being a leader in life and being a victim,” he said. “Many times, you see a shift when they see they’ve got the power to choose — the power to not be victims — and as a result they’re more stable.”

He adds the difference between philosophy-based and performance-based training is that the former leads to lasting results and not just temporary change.

The company is based in north Texas but accepts clients nationally. Over the years, Tappe said his company has worked with more than 50 industry groups ranging from dentistry to real estate and everything in between. Typically, an employer reaches out to Tappe Group to help improve the office dynamics and increase productivity. The organization works with single individuals as well.

“Wherever people are, we fit,” he said. “We apply our skills in helping them help their people. We just know if we’re able to help their employees and help them get much more healthy in their lives. That’s going to be better for those people, as well as for those that employ them.”

Tappe prefers the title of performance coach over life coach because he believes the latter title “signals limitations,” but the terms are often used interchangeably. The purpose of the Tappe Group’s personal coaching is to help people make choices for themselves and understand those choices.

“If we’re working with someone who is really stuck in a rut and struggling doing what they’re doing, we’re able to help them discover why they’re doing what they’re doing,” he said. “We want them to know their reason why and that the way they respond each day is a choice they get to make.”

Through coaching, Tappe said he’s seen people “do a full 180,” claim their power, and rise to become some of the “most valued” people in their departments. And occasionally that reflection, according to Tappe, leads them to quit what they’re doing and pursue their true passion.

Some of the aspirations the Tappe Group’s clients have included making more money, being a more effective leader and successfully handling conflicts. Tappe said to achieve what they’re aiming for, he stresses creating a “focused life plan” over just setting a goal.

“In those life plans we help them discover their reason, purpose, and direction,” he said. “Then we’re able to break down dimensions and put in play some things that will help.”

The Tappe Group assists clients of all ages, from teenage athletes to business owners in their 60s, and the coaching can last from a couple of sessions to years — some clients have been with him since the start, for over 20 years.

And while the coaching helps guide the individual toward where they want to be, Tappe said it’s their job to hold themselves accountable and remain consistent.

“We don’t think motivation can be done to people. We think motivation has got to be found within,” he said. “You need to have that ‘reason why.’”

If you’re interested in coaching from the Tappe Group, you can book a consultation through their website,

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