Lining Up Career Options

new career
Jennifer found a new career thanks to RGV Careers.

Reasons for returning to school are as varied as the vast number of people making the decision to do so.  Whether individuals are looking for a change in career, are seeking education for the first time, or are returning as non-traditional students, it’s a boon to their individual lives as well as the local economy to pursue an education that will expand their opportunities.

“It’s never too late to go back and improve your education,” according to Jennifer Pineda, a recent graduate of RGV Careers. Jennifer just started a new career as a pharmacy technician and is looking forward to growing in that field.

RGV Careers educates students in a variety of health-care fields, preparing them for jobs like medical billing and coding or National Board Certification as a pharmacy technician, the option that Jennifer chose to pursue. Jennifer says that the foundation she received at RGV Careers will make taking the next step in her education that much easier.

As a stay-at-home mom, Jennifer was looking for something she could fall back on in hard times. She first heard about RGV Careers from Bobby Villarreal, the school’s creative director.  The relatively short duration of the course options really appealed to her, as it showed that the security of a good job – or even career – didn’t have to be a distant dream.  

The Rio Grande Valley has a substantial health-care industry with many major hospitals, clinics, and private practices, as well as ancillary services. RGV Careers helps train the workers who will fill these structures and attend to the needs of the Valley’s many patients.

Parts of the Pharmacy Technician course at RGV Careers were challenging for Jennifer, especially the medical terminology class. “But our teacher, Mr. Terrazas, was very helpful in making sure we fully understood everything,” says Jennifer. The hands-on experience she gained in class made her feel much more comfortable starting her real-world job. “The back of our classroom was set up just like a real pharmacy so that we could get used to the work environment right from the start,” she says.

Toward the end of the course, the students were placed as interns in several pharmacies in the area to gain more work experience.  “RGV Careers has given me the opportunity to have many options of places to work,” says Jennifer.  Not only are there a wide variety of retail pharmacies in the Rio Grande Valley, but there are also hospital- and nursing home-based pharmacies that employ pharmacy technicians.

Saenz Pharmacy has employed several pharmacy technician graduates from RGV Careers, including Jennifer. Jesus Saenz, R.Ph., says that they have a pharmacy technician graduate at each of their seven locations.  “I really like the idea that RGV Careers has a pharmacy technician program because every pharmacist needs a good right hand to free them up to consult with patients.” RGV Careers has very good pharmacy technician instructors that have experience working in their field. “The interns at our pharmacies are well prepared to take on the day-to-day tasks that the position requires.”

Jennifer has recommended RGV Careers to several of her friends already. “The programs they offer are all in the medical field, which will ensure you will never be out of a job,” says Jennifer.  “The staff and teachers are very helpful and friendly, it’s affordable, and they accommodate everyone.”  RGV Careers offers daytime and evening classes and the staff really works with the students individually to figure out financing options.

RGV Careers has changed Jennifer’s life by showing her that she can succeed even further than she had imagined.  “After I get a little more experience as a pharmacy technician, I would love to go to school again to hopefully become a pharmacist,” she says.

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