Making a difference in the African American community


New York Life has more than 1,200 agents serving the African American community. Our agents are dedicated men and women who have pledged to help empower the African American communities they serve by touching the lives of thousands of families, and illustrating for them how purchasing life insurance today will empower future generations. Their mission is not just to sell life insurance; it’s to educate members of the black community about the importance of creating an estate and building a legacy for their children and grandchildren.

With the contribution of our African American Market Agents in their communities, we surpassed our 2017 goal of creating $50 billion of Life Insurance and Future Income protection. Through our focus on growing our network of agents in the community, continuing to provide financial education, and insuring more lives, changing the financial future for African American families is well within our reach.

Exposing individuals and families to financial tools and strategies that have been used to help create, protect, or maintain wealth makes this movement a lifelong initiative. Agents of New York Life are committed to creating financial legacies for individuals and families interested in finding the solutions for their unique set of needs.

New York Life is ready to lead you on a financial path that can help you protect your dreams and build for your family’s future.

What matters most to you?

•Protecting your loved ones
Taking care of those we love is always at the top of the to-do list. When it comes to protecting your family financially, we can help you insure your income, protect your mortgage, your children’s education and even your retirement income.

•Securing your retirement
Here’s the thing about retirement – we all want two things: a very long one and enough money to enjoy it. What financial resources will you have to cover your needs—groceries, general expenses, medical and long-term care, home maintenance, utilities, taxes, maintaining your lifestyle—well into retirement? We can help you prepare for your retirement and make sure you have the income to enjoy it.

•Building wealth and assets
You have worked hard all these years to accumulate assets. Make sure you have a proper strategy to help protect, preserve and pass on your legacy. We can help with your asset accumulation and preservation needs.

•Preparing for college
Giving your children opportunities to excel in life is every parent’s goal. That’s why preparing for their college education and planning for their future are so important. We can help with your college planning needs.

It starts with you.

When you meet with one of our agents to discuss your financial dreams, they will help you:
•Build personal financial empowerment plans, with life insurance as one of the foundations
•Become a wealth creator in your community
•Raise financially responsible children

For more information, contact New York Life Partner Danielle Goslin at 956-412-4949 or