Marco’s Burgers and Fries


Regardless where diners are coming from, they can all agree that these are the best tasting burgers they have ever had.  The restaurant has hundreds of positive reviews all around the Internet.  The distinctive taste of Marco’s Burgers has acquired quite a cult following in the Valley.  And for those that are not craving a burger or watching their diet, Marco’s Burgers and Fries also offers fish tacos, steak or chicken salads, or breadless burgers.

For Marco Suarez, risk has definitely paid off.  Although most of his family’s restaurant experience lies in Mexican food, he decided that he wanted to try something completely different.  When he told people that he wanted to use ribeye steaks to make his burger patties, they thought that he was crazy.  But nothing would dissuade Suarez and his strong belief in making the best possible product.

“We grind our meat here, so everything is really, really fresh.  We hold our purveyors to really high standards.  Our produce has to be the best, our bread is brought in to us daily, and all of the secret ingredients make for a better product,” said Suarez.

Marco’s Burgers and Fries has definitely become a strong presence in the Rio Grande Valley.  The restaurant participates in many school and community events in the Mission area.

“Instead of spending two to three thousands dollars on a commercial, we’ll work with the schools and feed the kids at a discounted rate so that our product is being tasted by other people.  We do that a lot with sporting events, too.  The football players will come in, and it’s funny because they’ll be here on a Friday and then come back on Saturday to eat with their parents.  It works out; you don’t make the money that you want to on the front side of it, but on the backside of it, you get to help your community and get your products out there,” said Marco Suarez.

The venue’s Valley pride is definitely visible with the dozens of local football team helmets that line its walls, along with “Only in the Valley” cartoons.  The entire Suarez family can be seen taking orders and delivering food along with the employees.  Suarez attributes a great deal of his success to his upbringing.

“The family has always been in the restaurant business.  Our parents have always taught us to be very cordial and service-oriented people to our customers and to our community,” said Suarez.  He hopes that he can continue his family’s legacy through this restaurant and his future endeavors.  Meanwhile, he takes pride in serving “The Best Burger in Texas” that carries his name.