Mercado District in McAllen

Mercado District in McAllen

Formerly the Bargain Bazaar in the Rio Grande Valley, the new Mercado District offers multiple restaurants in one area for people to enjoy. The northern half of the building continues with business as usual, intact, but the renovated side is the new Mercado District. 

Nothing like it has been seen in the RGV before, and it has brought work opportunities and new dining options for patrons on weekends and weekdays. 

Paulina Gonzalez, marketing director of Mercado District, said the idea behind it had been something envisioned for a long time. “It is not anything new,” she said. “It is something you see in the bigger cities, and we thought the Bargain Bazaar needed some life, some TLC.”

“These people are so creative. All of these chefs have either owned a restaurant or have worked for a high-end restaurant,” Jesus Gonzalez, the owner of the District, said.

Shops are also included inside Mercado District, offering items like hats, clothing, accessories, baked goods, chocolate, and more. 

You can learn more about what the Mercado District has to offer for residents in the Rio Grande Valley here: