Mission Accomplished


Cano & Sons Trucking company’s mission is to make sure every employee, vendor, and customer is proud to be a member of its team.

Mission accomplished.

Cano & Sons Trucking is a dynamic transportation firm that continues to grow and move forward. It has come a long way from humble beginnings nearly 20 years ago with just one truck.

Today, Cano & Sons Trucking’s state-of-the-art facility on a 29-acre campus in San Juan is home to 160 employees, 130-plus trucks and a digital command center. The logistics firm moves freight and products from a wide array of small and large companies in the RGV to all over the continental United States.

And while Cano & Sons calls San Juan home and serves the entire RGV, it also does business in Mission, and is a premier corporate sponsor of the Greater Mission Chamber of Commerce member.

“We thought by becoming a Mission Chamber (member), we could network with other companies and grow our business,” said Veronica Ghavidel, chief financial officer for Cano & Sons. “We bring a lot of our trucks through there.”

It didn’t used to be that way. CEO Juan Cano started the company with a singular truck in 1999 following his father, Reynold, in the transportation business. And gradually, with business savvy and determination, Cano & Sons expanded outward from its beginnings in San Juan.

The trucking firm’s services have also transformed to keep with industry demands. It can ship commercial and private goods from door to door all over the continental United States and Mexico — where it has had offices for years. Cano & Sons are experts in cross-border trade, understand the complicated transfer system, and move goods quickly and efficiently.

To diversify and develop new business opportunities, Cano & Sons founded Grande Produce, a produce logistics and warehousing company that operates with the latest of technology and strictest safety standards. Grande Produce is located at the same 29-acre campus where Cano & Sons has its corporate offices, its dispatch, safety, and maintenance operations, and truck washing.

And Cano & Sons is also strategic. Its facilities are located within a stone’s throw of the Pharr-Reynosa International Bridge, the busiest U.S.-Mexico crossing in the country for produce. But with growth and its ever-expanding customer base, Cano & Sons understands how to work all along the Rio Grande in many communities.

Ghavidel said Cano & Sons have customers all over the United States and Mexico — from small local manufacturers to multinationals such as Black & Decker, LG, and Expeditors. She said supporting the Mission Chamber was smart, strategic, and the right thing to do in the community.

“We have a lot of customers in there, Steelcase being one of them,” she said. “And we have other customers in the Mission area.”

She added the Mission chamber has played a key role in creating social and event opportunities for Cano & Sons to invest into the community, meet Mission business leaders, and help tell the firm’s story.  

Cano & Sons is proud to be part of Mission Chamber’s team. Mission accomplished again.