Mission Calling


With new projects, businesses, and opportunities — and the recent distinction of being named an All-America City — Mission is booming. Greater Mission Chamber of Commerce Vice President CJ Sanchez counts himself lucky to both witness and help support it.

“It’s an exciting time for our businesses to prosper and grow,” he said. “The new leadership in the city of Mission is very innovative and progressive, and as a chamber, we’re wanting to provide the resources and empowerment for those businesses to continue to grow and prosper in our city. I think that it’s important for us as a community to grow together.”

Sanchez — the “C” and “J” stand for “Carlos Javier” — grew up in Edinburg and graduated from Edinburg North High School. He pursued his undergraduate degree at Texas State University in San Marcos, majoring in communication studies and minoring in business Spanish and mass communications. A post-college internship with a congressman led the way to Sanchez serving as the executive director for the Hidalgo County Bar Association for seven-and-a-half years prior to transferring to Austin to work for the State Bar of Texas.

Sanchez was in Austin for eight months before he got the call to return to the Rio Grande Valley as the vice president of the Greater Mission Chamber of Commerce.

“I immediately thought that that would be an excellent opportunity for me to come back to the Valley and continue my growth as an individual leader as well as contribute to the growth of the Valley,” he said. “As a native from the Rio Grande Valley, it’s really important to me to see the area thrive and to continue to grow and build relationships.”

Sanchez applies lessons he has learned throughout his life in his approach for success with the chamber.

“As a young leader I’ve been encouraged and empowered by previous mentors that I’ve worked with in the past,” Sanchez said. “What I’ve learned as a leader, it is important to empower and encourage those around you.”

His core values of communication, integrity, and empowerment help not only Sanchez grow and develop his leadership skills, but the skills of everyone around him.

“I feel that those things create a strong work team and really encourage the growth of not just an organization but a community as a whole,” he said. “I think as a leader you’re only as good as your team and if you’re not encouraging and empowering others, then we’re not growing. There’s always room for growth and I’m constantly motivated and empowered by those around me.”

The chamber functions as the voice of the Mission business community, advocating for entrepreneurs and owners to help foster economic growth.

“In my short time here with the Mission Chamber of Commerce, I’ve quickly realized and noticed the immense potential that the city of Mission has,” Sanchez said. “Our small businesses and our large businesses have an immense potential for growth and it is our job as a chamber to encourage to build those relationships and empower them and encourage them to grow and offer the resources for them to prosper in their business.”

It all goes back to the power of teamwork — everyone working together toward a common goal.

“Working with Brenda [Enriquez], our current CEO, our board of directors — they all bring an immense amount of talent and professionalism to the Greater Mission Chamber of Commerce,” Sanchez said. “I’m just blessed to have the opportunity to be able to work alongside them and grow together and hopefully grow not just our small businesses and our chamber, but the city and the community as a whole.”

Learn more about the Greater Mission Chamber of Commerce by visiting missionchamber.com.