Mission Mom headed to Good Morning America for her Invention The Knife Glider


Jennifer Shipp, inventor of the Knife Glider, received an email from Good Morning America, they had heard of her invention and were going to submit her story to the show executives for possibly being asked to be on it in connection with the movie release of JOY in theaters Dec. 25th.

Inventor Jennifer Shipp will fly to New York this week all expenses paid, to film a segment with the movies inspiration Joy Mangano, the inventor of the Miracle Mop and queen of infomercials.  The segment will air on Good Morning America on Monday, December 28th. Let’s rally around this monumental success of the Rio Grande Valley and Inventor, Mission Native, Jennifer Solis Shipp!  Tune in to see the show!  You can purchase a Knife Glider at www.knifeglider.com which will support the hard work of local inventors/entrepreneurs/manufactures/pitchmen Jennifer and Samuel Shipp.