McAllen Mixer @ Bodega teaser podcast: Meet Adam and Celine

Join us August 18, 2016 at Bodega Tavern and Kitchen in McAllen!

Check out this teaser podcast for our next excellent Mixer coming up on August 18! Everyone is welcome to join us at Bodega Tavern and Kitchen, located at 2901 N. 10th St. in McAllen.

RGVision Magazine publisher Gabriel Puente sat down with two of our special guests: Adam Cavazos, head chef from Bodega Tavern and Kitchen in McAllen, and Celine Hernandez, marketing liaison for South Texas from Neighbors Emergency Center. Adam and Celine will be joining us at our mixer, but until then give it a listen!  They are excited to tell us what to expect that night and a little bit about what they’re doing.

Adam Cavazos’s goal is to create an atmosphere unique to the Valley. It is elegant but laid back, and the food is phenomenal to say the least. It boasts a fine bar and the only meat curing room south of San Antonio. He wants to show people a different style of dining to keep up with the changing culture in the Rio Grande Valley.

Celine represents an alternative access to emergency care. It is an emergency room outside of a hospital. Neighbors Emergency Centers are springing up all around the Valley.“It’s a wonderful company to be a part of. They have a lot of heart and a lot of involvement in the community … They give back, not only to their employees, but to their community. They involve themselves in charities and a lot of community outreach that I admire,” Celine has previously said about the company. You can read more about them here.