Mobile CT Imaging: Scanning on the Horizon


By Krystal Krenek

Orlando Rivera, co-owner and manager of Mobile CT Imaging, is bringing medical technology to the next level of advancement and customer service here in the Rio Grande Valley.  Who knew taking a note from the NFL’s playbook could turn into a business venture on the rise?  I believe Rivera did.

Rivera worked at a local hospital as a CT imaging operator with Manuel Figueroa for seven years.  Both men witnessed time and time again how patients struggled to afford the expensive scans that could cost up to $2,000 each.  As they collaborated over mapping out more independent futures and flexible schedules in the workforce, Rivera saw that the NFL was using portable imaging scanners in the locker rooms to quickly access injuries that happened on the football field.  He thought if the technology was available to bring the scanner to the patient instead of the patient to the scanner, then why couldn’t he do the same thing?  And the planning began.

It took Rivera and Figueroa 14 months of research, calls, licensing, registration, and financial planning to get their venture off the ground.  Today, Mobile CT Imaging is in operation as of January with a 5’x5’ compact, portable CT scanner on wheels.  They go into private homes, nursing homes, and doctors’ offices and provide immediate CT image scanning.  There is no line and no wait when you are their current appointment.  Their unit is prime for scans of the sinuses, inner ears, brain, extremities, and pediatric scans.

When a doctor orders a scan stat, Mobile CT Imaging can have the scans taken and the results to the doctor within an hour so a diagnosis can be made and the appropriate treatment can be put into practice immediately.

“The need is there for affordable, convenient CT imaging.  Patients are not ordinarily given options of where to go for scanning, but now they do have the option, and the option is available for us to come to them,” Rivera corroborates.

The unique service provided by Mobile CT Imaging is available 24/7 for rates comparable to those of MediCare.  The process is quick in this in-and-out procedure.  The convenience is unmatched, particularly for parents who can bring this service right into their home in the evening hours and not have to take off work or get children out of school for an appointment.  Mobile CT Imaging is licensed by the Texas Department of Health and compliant with the proper documentation and laws regarding the practicing of safe radiation exposure.

Orlando Rivera, just shy of 30, says he has always had it in mind to be an entrepreneur.  And the medical field is his field of choice.  He has taken his small town roots in Lyford and his years of scanning experience and combined them with an industrial spirit to create a service that is both needed and advancing here in the Valley.  Rivera intends to give this business his absolute best with more scanning on the horizon.

For more information about this service or to schedule an appointment, contact Mobile CT Imaging at 956.230.0109.