Raul and Cynthia Calera – Mobilizing health care in the Rio Grande Valley


Raul and Cynthia Calera

Cynthia and Raul Calera were ready for the challenge of operating and maintaining their own company when they opened the doors of Rio Grande Mobile X-Rays in Alamo, Texas back in 1995. They sought independence and the opportunity to meet new people, and the time was right to bring the service to the Valley.

The Caleras recognized the need for mobile x-ray services in the Valley when they noticed how patients struggled to arrive at local imaging centers. Both knew of the hardship a caregiver faces when dealing with the pain and trauma associated with transporting a loved one in order to receive x-ray services outside the comfort of their home. “Having to move someone who is bedbound can be very difficult, not only physically, but emotionally,” said Raul. The mobile x-ray service concept was initially created to serve clients with ambulatory or transportation issues.

Nearly two decades later, Rio Grande Valley Mobile X-rays has thirty full-time, and four part-time employees specializing in different areas of expertise. The company’s services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to clients across the Rio Grande Valley, and are highly sought after by nursing homes, hospice, home health care agencies, rehabilitation hospitals, and doctors with homebound patients.

In 2005, digital x-rays were introduced to the company’s menu of services. The company’s secure and HIPPA-compliant website enable physicians and nurses to view their patient’s exams and reports promptly and efficiently. Mobile ultrasound, vascular and echocardiogram, and mobile EKG -electrocardiograph services, are among the numerous services provided by Rio Grande Valley Mobile X-Rays.

The x-ray was discovered in 1885 when German physicist, Wilhelm Röntgen, stumbled across a new type of radiation he labeled “X” because he did not know what it was, but is considered one of the most important advances in medical history.

Today’s technology allows for x-rays to be superior in quality and much faster, able to be delivered to doctors almost immediately after being produced. The high standards of quality Rio Grande Valley Mobile X-Rays delivers are unparalleled, and the images the company delivers are considered the best among satisfied doctors and patients. Doctor referrals are the most important source of patients for RGV Mobile X-Rays. According to Raul, new technology will soon come out with smaller and even more portable machines that will utilize fewer resources while providing the same quality standard. These new machines will not only be used for medical diagnosis, but will enhance security screening at airports, and allow engineers to check the structure of materials. The improved medical images will improve cancer therapy in the near future.

Both Raul and Cynthia acknowledge the fact that diabetes is rampant in the Rio Grande Valley, and as a result there are people who suffer through leg amputations which, as a result, impair their movement. Our area, they believe, has a significant number of people living in poverty who rely on transportation provided by Medicaid. Their desire to help their community, and to offer the Valley the technology it
deserves is what drives them to provide the highest level of technology once only available in larger metropolitan areas.

Owning and operating a business that is open every day of the year is not an easy task, but good businesses are usually run by dedicated people. In this case, these two entrepreneurs make a dynamic team. Cynthia is the company’s administrator and human resources person. She also keeps up with changes related to Medicare, while keeping the company’s positive morale. Raul is responsible for the effective operation of all x-ray equipment. He also oversees that all tech and company licenses are current, and keeps up with the latest related to radiation. Their knowledgeable staff delivers the company’s services punctually and effectively. When it comes to stress release, Cynthia loves to read and listen to music. She also enjoys conversing with her children and watching them dance and play musical instruments.
All companies face predicaments, and Rio Grande Valley Mobile X-Rays sees promotion of their services as one of the most difficult tasks. Raul and Cynthia embrace community service. They volunteer at many public events, from little league games, to walks for cancer treatment and research. They seek to sponsor community events. They also feel it is important to participate in local health fairs, and are fond of visiting nursing home residents to partake in a game of chalupa or bingo. In addition, they turn to traditional methods of advertising such as television commercials and printed advertising.
The fear of stagnation is what motivates Raul and Cynthia to continue moving forward creating new challenges for themselves. They strongly believe these challenges and determination are what turns something good into something great.