Mosquitos and South Texas are almost inseparable; it’s hard to imagine a South Texas summer night without the flying pests. But Jennifer Yarto is working to help South Texas families enjoy their backyards this summer without being pestered by these blood suckers.

Last spring, Yarto opened MosquitoNix of South Texas to serve everyone living in the valley including Corpus Christi, South Padre, Laredo, Brownsville and McAllen. There has been a dramatic increase in West Nile virus, and the need for mosquito control has become as much of a health issue as it is a convenience. “With the increase of West Nile virus cases across South Texas, Texans are looking for ways to protect their families, pets, businesses and outdoor lifestyles,” said Yarto.

Hot temperatures and mosquitos are usually a given to Texans spending summertime outside. So when Yarto visited her sister-in-law in Dallas, “I was amazed at how the bugs just disappeared the minute I entered her backyard,” she said. “With the amount of outdoor entertaining I do in my backyard, I knew I had to have MosquitoNix.”

What she soon learned is that MosquitoNix not only controls mosquitos, but also fleas, ticks, spiders, roaches and no-see-ums—all of which love living near the water. Since most South Texans also live near water, it’s difficult to spend time outdoors without being susceptible to these pests’ attacks.

“We live close to the Rio Grande River, as well as resacas and the gulf; mosquitos and other insects love standing water and carry all kinds of diseases,” Yarto said. “I want people to feel safe in their own backyards. I see so many people spend a small fortune on landscaping their yards just to find that they can’t use them because of pests. I can cure that!”