Move It Self Storage IN MISSION


We spoke with Greater Mission Chamber of Commerce’s Featured Member of the Month Greg Garcia, property manager for Move It Self Storage in Mission. He shares his experience with the business’s membership with the Mission Chamber.

My name is Greg Garcia. I work for Move It Self Storage and I’m the property manager here. I oversee the property, rentals, equipment, and sales merchandise. Being in storage, it’s a unique job, meaning, that you wear many hats. This a large property … I have over 700 units that we have to maintain and make sure that they’re up to standards to keep our customers happy. We offer storage for personal belongings, for business inventory, and we have a large variety of sizes. So, if you have something small or large, we can accommodate you. We have drive-up units and if you want to store inside a climate-controlled building, you have that option as well. We offer insurance to our customers, which is something that is highly considered especially down here in the Valley, where the humidity is very high. Sometimes, that can cause some damages to your items. So, it does help, that insurance. Some of these other competitors don’t offer that insurance and don’t inform their customers of the things that can happen when you’re storing. We have three locations here in Mission and we’re all members of the (Greater Mission) Chamber.

moveit2As time allows, we try to make as many events as we can. Just recently, when Hurricane Harvey hit, we had some members from the O’Grady Elementary come by asking for donations and the only thing we could donate were boxes. Fortunately, we still had some promotional boxes backed up so we were able to provide some boxes for them. We try and stay as active as we can with the community in the best way we (can). Networking is big. A lot of times when you go visit these businesses, you just deal with these employees that are just in front of the counter. When you go to these mixers, these events with the Chamber, you’re actually dealing with upper management — employees that have higher titles that probably are decision makers in the business. Those are the contacts you want to make. Going to these mixers … these chamber events, helps bridge that gap right there. A lot of times you go and you won’t find these people. The exposure of the company, being able to network with all these other businesses, being able to talk to someone with the higher title that’s a decision maker in the company, helps, versus going to the actual office or building and just speaking with an employee that has to bypass other people just to get an answer. The exposure is the biggest thing. You get your name out there.