Muscle Spasms, Trigger Points and Chiropractic Treatment


By Dr. Pablo Tagle

You have more than 600 muscles in your body. With so many, it is easy to see why everyone at one time in their life will experience muscle spasms. Muscle spasms can be caused by too much or prolonged exercise, injury, trauma and subluxations. When this occurs you may experience twitching, tightening, and at times even a sharp or severe pain with certain movements.
If the muscle that is affected is not healed, “trigger points” usually develop. Trigger points are commonly known as “knots”, and are often associated with muscle pain. The traditional medical approach to trigger point therapy often includes injections of anesthetics to “numb” the pain. However, this is just simply putting a band-aid over the injury and not addressing the root of the pain.
This dysfunction, if not healed correctly will cause the loss of normal range of motion, decreased strength and flexibility, and pressure on the nerve, which may cause numbness or tingling over the affected area and degeneration of the spine. Receiving chiropractic treatment is one of the most effective ways to alleviate the pain. Several studies back this up as well. One study of 100 participants, between the ages of 11 and 76 with chronic trigger point pain, demonstrated that they were able to return to their normal activities following several chiropractic adjustments.
This is a great resource for those interested in the study: Shekelle, PG et al. “The Appropriateness of Spinal Manipulation for Low Back Pain.” 1991.

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