Natasha Del Barrio: CEO

Natasha Del Barrio

Not many people can say they are the CEO of a company they used to work for while in high school, but for Natasha Del Barrio, this rings true.

She became the CEO of Bert Ogden and Fiesta Auto Group in 2017. Del Barrio explained it was never her intention to become CEO, but the opportunity grew through a healthy work environment, dynamics, and relationships. Two years after becoming CEO, Del Barrio was recognized in Automotive News with the 40 Under 40 award.

Del Barrio takes her personal motivators and applies them to her responsibilities as CEO. A typical day for her is nonexistent, but this detail about her role is one of the things she loves about the job. Del Barrio said she is not one for absolutes — there are many pieces of advice she would have for future young women aiming to be the next CEOs and community leaders.

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