Nature Preservation & Ethical Meat Consumption

Nature Preservation & Ethical Meat Consumption

The current consumption rate of meat and fish in the United States alone has caused growing environmental concern. One group has found a way they can personally help not only the environment but also the community.

Rev. Rod Clark from the Diocese of West Texas and Rev. Christian Baron from the Diocese of Western Michigan founded the Order of Naucratius. The idea came from being more conscious of the meat we consume and its impact on the environment. The organization is affiliated with the Episcopal Church and believes that meat and fish are sacred gifts from God and shared with those in need.

The order goes by three rules of life: prayer, conservation, and charity. Rod Snell, a member of the organization, talked about the importance of sharing food with others while maintaining the balance of consumption and preservation of nature.To read more about this interesting Order focused on nature preservation and ethical meat consumption, go to