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The Brandon and Audrey Team make dreams come true in the Rio Grande Valley, one home at a time. As a husband and wife duo, Brandon and Audrey Krupala provide real estate services in the greater Rio Grande Valley. If you’re looking to buy, sell, or refinance your home, Brandon and Audrey can help.

Not only do Brandon and Audrey have 20 years of combined experience in real estate, they are also Rio Grande Valley born and raised. They both attended Harlingen South High School and have frequented the surrounding areas since they were young.

Brandon and Audrey are excited to be a part of the growth happening in the Rio Grande Valley. Their deep love for their community motivates them to see the region and its residents flourish and grow.

Brandon and Audrey love helping single residents, married couples, and families navigate their home transaction. With a little girl of their own, Brandon and Audrey understand how important it is for people to find the right home at the right price. They have helped over 400 families buy and sell homes and have over 70 five-star reviews.

Using their marriage to their advantage, Brandon and Audrey pride themselves on being able to move quicker by working together. They tag-team clients, ensuring fast and efficient management of transactions. Relying on one another helps them move as quickly as the real estate market does, resulting in happy clients and $77 million in sales volume.

One of their clients, Marco A. Arona, was impressed at how responsive Brandon has been.

“Anytime I need him, he will answer the phone, he has always been informative, all the paperwork has been on time … he is always there for me,” Arona said.

There’s no doubt that Brandon is a seasoned professional with skill navigating the real estate market. Brandon graduated from Texas A&M University and started his real estate career as soon as he graduated. He loves helping people with various aspects of real estate, including investments, fix and flips, rentals, and new construction.

Another client, Denise Dvorak, was happy when Zillow paired her with Audrey.

“We enlisted her help to show and sell the home we were living in,” Dvorak said. “She did a wonderful job. When we decided to buy a house, we enlisted Brandon’s help. So they worked together, which made it twice as easy as far as I am concerned.”

Dvorak added that Audrey was “a delight to work with.”

Audrey graduated from University of Texas at Brownsville and spent time as a school psychologist before jumping into real estate with Brandon. Her deep care for people and knowledge of the real estate industry makes her a great guide through what can feel like a scary process.

The husband-and-wife team can transform the entire experience, client H Clay Hodges found.

“After a negative buying experience in the Valley, my wife and I chose Brandon and Audrey to sell our home,” Hodges said. “Despite it being in the middle of COVID-19, they sold our home in record time, and we were able to make money off of the sale. They were the ultimate professionals. We are very thankful for Brandon and Audrey. Great people and great agents!”

It is evident from Brandon and Audrey’s legacy that these words ring true. The Krupalas are great people, and they also know how to get the job done.

Brandon and Audrey are active in their local church and have a strong commitment to their faith, which is the foundation of their marriage. Audrey enjoys coffee, spending time with people, and staying active — even if that just means keeping up with her busy toddler. Brandon loves to barbecue, play drums and guitar, and enjoys fishing the Laguna Madre.

You might find Brandon at his favorite restaurant, Pepe’s Mexican Restaurant, or Audrey at New York Deli. They love meeting new people, so be sure to say hi!

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Kari Kurz