Need a Grant?



There’s nothing like a great idea, but even a great idea needs an executable plan of action and a source of funding if it is to get o the ground and make a real-world impact. Grants are essentially free money for great ideas – with the clause that it must be used to advance the particular purpose agreed upon by the grant-giver and applicant. However, because great ideas with perfectly executable plans are abundant and funding is not, getting a grant takes a really good sell. e Educational Research Institute (ERI) in Harlingen is a professional grant-writing agency with an 80 percent success rate, securing over $269.4 million in successful grant applications for school districts, medical institutions, non-pro ts, municipalities and other groups.


Proposals for state grants are typically due approximately 30-45 days after they are announced by the funding agency.To begin the process and make the most of that time, a formal agreement between ERI and the participating district/organization should be made as soon as possible, followed by a need assessment conducted by the ERI sta , which takes 2-3 weeks from start to nish. Once the need assessments are completed, the ERI sta are able to produce a grant proposal to best address the identi ed needs.


ERI recently secured a total of $1.35 million for Pre-K Partnership Planning by writing three grants of $450,000 each for Pharr San-Juan Alamo ISD, College Station ISD, and Weslaco ISD. ese school districts have worked with ERI on 14 grants to date since 2008, which have resulted in $23.8 million in grant funding for these three districts and the 63,187 students enrolled in them. ERI is proud to have assisted these districts in securing funding to continue their educational and outreach goals; all three are distinguishing themselves through partnerships with higher education and by producing high-achieving students.


The recently secured Pre-K Partnership Planning Grants will assist school districts in developing partnerships with Texas Rising Star 4-Star private providers to expand instruction delivery models for 3 and 4-year-old prekindergarten students. e partnerships established will increase continuity of instruction, Kindergarten Readiness, and a successful transition of young children from private to public school settings.

ForWeslacoISD,ittakestheshapeofapartnership with the local daycare, Children’s Depot #2. “ is partnership will allow our students to expand their knowledge and build a strong foundation at a young age,” said Joanne Serna, Director of Children’s Depot #2. “One of the bene ts from this partnership is the integration of technology in the classroom. Our students will be using iPads and touch screen panels as part of their curriculum and learning.” anks to Weslaco I.S.D and the Pre-K Partnership Grant, the Children’s Depot is also able to introduce two more Texas certi ed teachers to the facility.Screen Shot 2017-03-09 at 9.46.23 AM

With these types of programs and more made possible by grants secured by ERI, cultivating school-ready skills in our community’s youngest learners is not only a great idea, but a truly attainable goal.

To learn more about ERI’s work or to begin a grant process with them, visit their website www.erigrants. com.