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RGV CAREERS is dedicated to inspiring a lifelong passion for learning, and has grown over the years to fit the needs of a wide variety of people. When the original two suites that held the school were outgrown, they kept acquiring more space at their location until they had over 9,000 square feet.

“We started with 10 students, and now we’re filled to capacity,” said School Director of RGV Careers Dr. Annabelle Palomo. Now that they have outgrown even the expanded building, RGV Careers is making the move towards a new facility that is approximately 42,000 square feet, nearly five times the amount of their current space. “Our goal was to provide an environment more conducive to learning,” Palomo said.

screen-shot-2017-01-04-at-11-42-36-amRAPID GROWTH

The Valley has a growing need for healthcare and expertly trained professionals. RGV Careers has been instrumental in providing educational opportunities in the medical field. In 2008, the school launched a nurse aide program with 10 students. The following year, it added vocational nursing, pharmacy technician, phlebotomy technician, patient care technician and medical office specialist programs. The school added the medical billing and coding specialist and medical assistant programs in 2015.

The first class of the vocational nursing program graduated in 2010 with 21 private-paid students. Since then, RGV Careers has graduated 20 cohorts in the vocational nursing program. In that program alone, the NCLEX passing rate climbed to 96.3 percent (unofficial for 2016) and has been the highest passing rate in the Valley for the past two years (2014-15). In 2012, RGV Careers was granted, by the Department of Education, the ability to offer financial aid (Title IV funding) for students.


A modern classroom is a requirement for today’s medical science. The new location will offer a fully equipped hospital-based simulation lab, giving the students the opportunity to experience real-life hands-on training. By including other educational amenities such as a pharmacy technician simulation lab, full examination rooms for the medical assistant program, and new technology such as smart TVs in every classroom, RGV Careers is creating an interactive learning environment for its students. The building will also include a library resource center with three study rooms equipped with smart TVs. Along with a computer lab, there are three auditorium-style classrooms with a capacity of 90 seats. These auditorium classrooms convert into one large auditorium with a capacity of 270 seats.


“Our students will have pretty much the same amenities as any other college students,” Palomo said.

The school intends to use these state-of-the-art facilities to educate the Valley with well-trained personnel.

“We’re more readily accessible to our community as far as someone wanting to pursue a new career,” Palomo said.

With the opening of the new facility in late spring, RGV Careers is poised to become a premier healthcare educational institution in the Rio Grande Valley, ready to help students take on a medical career.

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