Old Friends are Gold


Gold Financial Services Offers Personal Touch to Lending in South Texas

When you think about applying for a mortgage or getting a loan approved, you probably imagine months of waiting to get an answer from distant employees of some large bank.

Gold Financial Services offers a different experience.

When working to close a house, William Esquivel, regional manager for Gold Financial Services, becomes his borrower’s best friend. Taking on roles of financier, counselor, and advisor, he and fellow loan officers take care of everything in order to get that house for their customer in a timely manner. “We’re truly a service-based company,” he said.

“We’ve seen builders, realtors, and borrowers be frustrated at the wait time with other banks,” said Esquivel. (In addition to managing mortgages, Gold Financial Services has provided construction loans to builders since the beginning of 2016.) There’s no time wasted when conducting business locally with a mortgage company that works in-house as Gold Financial Services does. “We can have it done within 25 days,” said Esquivel.

screen-shot-2017-01-05-at-9-42-12-amWith most banks, people apply and upload documents online, and only communicate with the bank via email or a phone call. “We interact with our people on a one-on-one basis so they know what is going on with the transaction at all times,” he said. “At Gold Financial Services, we make sure the borrowers know we still care about customer service. We don’t miss out on the trust that is built from something as simple as a handshake.”

These customer interactions help build lasting relationships. According to Esquivel, he and his coworkers are still in touch with their first customers in the Valley, a relationship of over eight years.

“We strive to keep that communication with customers open and always fulfil their demands. The average borrower closes one loan for the rest of their life, so we need to ensure that they are satisfied with their transaction,” he said. “We make ourselves available.”

Gold Financial Services has five locations in the Rio Grande Valley and a total of 35 different branches in five states, and Esquivel is driven by a need make sure all interactions are run smoothly and customers are happy.

This attitude is held by all levels of management at Gold Financial Services. Coupled with their deep understanding of the Rio Grande Valley, it’s no surprise that Gold Financial Services has been named the biggest non-producing bank in the Rio Grande Valley for the last three years. “The majority of our loan officers are from the Rio Grande Valley and we all know the Valley is totally different from the rest of Texas. We understand that. Every decision-maker in our company is from Texas and tuned into the attitude here,” said Esquivel.

In 2016, Gold Financial Services saw an increase of 20 percent in mortgages closing compared to the year prior. With a record of success like that, it makes sense to make new friends with Gold Financial Services.

More information on Gold Services Financial can be found on their website at goldfinancial.com.