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You’ve started a new year, stretched out your hammies, prepped your water bottle, and packed your bike. Now, where to? RGVision is here to help you discover incredible running and bike trails in the Rio Grande Valley. Finding the perfect trail can assist in achieving your New Year’s resolution of being more active. So lace up your shoes — let’s get moving, RGV!

25th Street Hike & Bike Trail: The 25th Street Hike and Bike Trail runs from north to south through Harlingen, connecting several neighborhoods and key destinations. The fun trail runs parallel to a canal with a paved path of 4.8 miles.

○ 25th Street, Harlingen, TX

Bicentennial Hike and Bike Trail: The Bicentennial Hike and Bike Trail is perfect for outdoor activity and exercise for the whole family. While enjoying this scenic, fully paved 5 1/2-mile trail, you will see several noteworthy locations, like the International Museum of Art & Science.

○ Bicentennial Boulevard, McAllen, TX

Second Street Hike and Bike Trail: Second Street Hike and Bike Trail is a great place to go running, jogging, skating, cycling, or walking with the entire family. The trail is over 8 miles, and is mostly located through a residential area. You will experience great sights and an even better workout!

○ West Nolana Avenue, McAllen, TX

Mission Hike & Bike Trail: This trail features a system of more than 10 miles of hike and bike trails that connect homeowners and visitors to nature. The trail offers a safe option for outdoor runners with both paved and unpaved routes — all varying in intensity. The trail is designed to get you close to the area’s many species of birds and wildlife.

○ 1414 S. Conway Ave., Mission, TX

East Lake Tract (LRGV NWR): East Lake is a 1,700-acre tract nearly 5 miles west of Raymondville on Highway 1761. This tract contains inland hypersaline lakes and provides great insight into our region’s wildlife. The hiking/walking trails are accessible by foot only.

○ Highway 1761, near Raymondville

Heavin Resaca Trail (San Benito Resaca): The Heavin Resaca Trail is an asphalt trail along the resaca that is 2.6 miles long. The park space is populated with amenities including fitness stations, picnic tables and shelters, swing sets, outdoor grills, basketball courts, and more.

○ 143 South Reagan St., San Benito, TX

La Sal Del Rey Tract (LRGV NWR): La Sal del Rey, or “the King’s Salt,” is one of three naturally occurring salt lakes in South Texas. This historic tract is perfect for a scenic run.

○ On Highway 186, 5 miles east of Interstate 69

  • Fordyce Nature and Hiking Trails: The Fordyce Nature Hike & Bike trail is a 4.04 rough mountain bike trail that will challenge cyclists. This is an intermediate trail course.

○ 1496 U.S. 83, Rio Grande City, TX

Avoid failed resolutions, and find joy in discovering all the scenic trails our beautiful region has to offer. Happy trails, and Happy New Year!

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