Convenience, Safety and Comfort

pain management

Individuals suffering from chronic pain ultimately need just one thing: relief. However, they often discover that relief is a work in progress and they require additional comfort and support even in the quest for treatment. The staff at the Center for Pain Management understands that long wait times in unbearable waiting rooms are exceptionally difficult for these individuals, and scheduling their various treatment procedures can also cause issues. Familiar with the consequences of living with pain,  the staff takes strides to reduce these situations whenever possible and has made the decision to build an operating room inside the clinic. A “one-stop shop” for pain relief, the Center for Pain Management can offer patients of Dr. Chowdhury the procedures they need to relieve their condition in a comfortable and familiar environment.

The operating room at Center for Pain Management is equipped with state-of-the art technology and devices that you would find in a large hospital. Although there is sometimes  hesitance to get procedures done in an operating room outside of the office, the center’s Clinical Supervisor, Araceli Gaona, provides some reassuring details. “We have everything  a hospital does but in a different setting. We are OSHA certified and are up to date with our accreditations. We follow all the same sterilization procedures that a hospital does,” explains Gaona. “We also have an anesthesiologist on staff that is there to administer anesthesia and monitor the patient throughout the procedure. We have six recovery beds so patients can continue to be monitored after the procedure.“

Gaona and her team are involved in over 30 procedures a day. She has over 10 years of experience working at Center for Pain Management. After completing her internship under Dr. Chowdhury, she decided that she wanted to continue her career helping people that are dealing with chronic pain and applied for a position at the clinic. Two years later, she was promoted to Clinical Supervisor and has been leading the team since then.

95 percent of the procedures that the Center for Pain Management recommends to its patients can be done at the new operating room.  These procedures range from an epidural injection to a kyphoplasty procedure offered to patients in pain from vertebral compression fractures. Having the operating room on site makes it very convenient for patients because everything is scheduled and billed at one location. It’s also less nerve-racking to have the procedure done in a familiar environment with the friendly nurses and staff they already know.

Getting a procedure done at Center for Pain Management is quite simple. Once the patient arrives at the clinic on their scheduled day, the nurses do a quick triage before they take him or her to the operating room. Once they are in the operating room, they are prepped using sterile techniques and monitored. After the procedure is completed, they are taken to the recovery area, where they will be further monitored before they are sent home.

Convenience, comfort and expertise is what the Center for Pain Management offers its patients with their operating room. The goal is to eliminate obstacles that patients often have receiving the treatment they need to relieve their suffering. “Basically, we offer the convenience of an outpatient service,” explained Gaona. “Instead of having to go register and do multiple trips to the hospital with long waits. It’s an in and out thing where patients come in, get the procedure, get monitored a couple of hours and they’re ready to go. In addition, they don’t have to pay additional fees to a hospital.”
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