Precision, Passion and Safety


The world of healthcare is changing before us with the introduction of new rules and provisions to enforce transparency.

Those who want to survive must adapt, and those who thrive, evolve before the tide, according to a philosophy by Dr. Raul Marquez, an orthopedic surgeon of the Rio Grande Valley for 20 years.

A passion for technology and patients’ well-being drive Dr. Marquez to the forefront of advanced orthopedics, which in turn creates a desire to inform his patients – not just prescribe. He is currently the only surgeon in the Valley to operate using navigation and robotics systems; as well as utilizing the Stryker Precision power system for applicable joint procedures, “the most precise saw for joint procedures available.”

Dr. Marquez’s forward thinking and embrace of technology served as an open door to partner with Stryker and utilize their unique Precision system as a way to deliver transparency and education through its use.

“I hold talks for the community on the causes of arthritis and what their options are and what kind of life they can expect after treatment,” Dr. Marquez said. “Patients who have severe arthritis in the knee would need a total knee replacement. This means they have no articular cartilage left, so it’s painful bone-on-bone contact.”


During a total knee procedure, surgeons make an incision vertically on the knee to gain access to the femur and tibia (thigh and shin bone). A power saw is used to remove a small section of the femur, tibia, and cartilage, and a metal or plastic implant is added in its place.

A traditional sagittal saw would have a 1-piece blade attached to the mounting point of the saw. Typical blades have a narrow and rapid whip going left to right. The Precision blade is multi-piece, which means only the cutting edge moves.

This is very substantial, especially for smaller patients, where every cut, no matter how minute, counts.

“The distance the blade travels is important, because there’s always a risk of cutting tissue, ligaments, and veins. So the technology provides precision, as the name implies,” Dr. Marquez said. “Moreover, it protects the patients so those sensitive parts are not damaged.”

Safety is the most important thing,” he said. “Precision is very smooth and easy to handle. It’s light on the hands.