PremierGarage Transforms Garage Organization 


PremierGarage is known nationwide for its garage optimization services but only arrived in the Rio Grande Valley in February of 2023. PremierGarage of McAllen now acts as a thriving branch of the national franchise, offering high-quality and affordable garage services throughout South Texas.

Leading the family-operated business is Ulises Gonzalez, a McAllen-based franchisee with a vision of superior garage management throughout the city. Gonzalez is one of over a hundred PremierGarage franchisees and has worked to define his business model while also upholding the parent company’s policies.

“Our core values are to provide the services here with a high level of integrity,” Gonzalez said. “We deliver innovation and have the newest products for this purpose.”

The enterprise began in 2020 with statistical research on customer needs. Gonzalez discovered that many consumers were seeking low-quality local options for their garage services while others were paying high prices for contracts in remote locations. The lack of local and affordable services led to a new business undertaking in McAllen.

“In some cases, the customers weren’t getting exactly what they needed,” Gonzalez said. “We saw a lot of opportunity. I decided to go for it.”

Gonzalez contacted a liaison at PremierGarage and completed a process of interviews and training. The franchise expanded to McAllen, where the local business represents its parent company with only five employees. His family supports Gonzalez in managing the company’s needs, including its sales and marketing. The company also hires subcontractors on a per-account basis.

PremierGarage of McAllen specializes in garage organization, seeking to create efficient, durable, and aesthetically pleasing storage systems. Their main services include the installation of shelves, cabinets, countertop workspaces, and overhead storage units to optimize space management. The business offers customized services for maximum efficiency, including floor coating and wall-mounted units, which are tailored to the needs of garage owners. The company’s target audience includes the general public as well as commercial venues.

“The whole idea of our business model is to offer the potential customer an entire garage system,” Gonzalez said. “You can see how any garage transforms from a simple or disorganized place into a very neat and organized space that is appealing.”

The customized storage systems facilitate a number of customer interests, including in-garage hobbies and sports-related activities. The Cimarron Country Club locker rooms in Mission are among the locations where Gonzales recalls a substantial improvement.

“It was a transformation,” Gonzalez said of the Country Club. “We entered there and offered a solution. They’re very happy with it.”

The company has spent the last year developing its customer base and seeks to increase its involvement with community development in McAllen. Gonzalez notes that promoting youth activities is key to the company’s interests, particularly in underprivileged communities. The business currently supports a nonprofit organization in an effort to provide free tennis lessons and equipment for students.

“We try to engage children in schools with limited resources,” Gonzalez said. “These kids would not be exposed to those kinds of specific lessons otherwise.”

The local initiative is only one example of the company’s commitment to improvement. The business began as an attempt to strengthen the quality of local services and now continues to strive for superior quality at a manageable cost. Their effort reflects a larger mission to serve as the garage designer of choice throughout the Rio Grande Valley.

“We have average to high-end customers, and they want the best of the best,” Gonzalez said. “We can deliver for that purpose.”

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Bill Hill