Purify Yourself with a Body Detoxify


By: Dr Dzung Price

A thorough body detoxify works to completely rid your system of dangerous toxins by filtering out harmful substances. It’s true that many of your organs accomplish a body detoxify naturally. Specifically, the kidney, liver, and gallbladder all help detoxify the body by preventing poisonous entities from entering the bloodstream. But often, these organs become overloaded and can’t do the job properly.

How Clean Water and Vitamin-Rich Food Help with Detoxification
The vast number of toxins present in our food and environment can overwhelm the body’s natural defenses. In addition, the presence of EMFs in cellular and other devices further damages the body’s natural resistance. As a result, it’s crucial to protect your organs. Sometimes, it’s best to ingest substances that specifically protect certain organs.

The importance of drinking lots of water cannot be overstated. Good, clean water can work wonders to help kidney function. Water helps the body filter out some of the most dangerous toxins. Since water comprises the majority of our body, it’s glaringly obvious that water can really help maintain optimal health.

Unfortunately, many of our most common water sources are polluted with heavy metals, excess fluoride and chlorine, and other nasty substances. This is why it’s advisable to drink filtered water or bottled water. Still, there’s often no escaping those pesky toxins.

Foods that contain antioxidants are also well suited to aid the body in detoxification. A diet rich in fruits and vegetables will promote bodily detoxification. Specifically, foods rich in Vitamin B support liver function (among other things), while foods rich in Vitamin C boost the body’s immunity.

Still, many of our most beloved foods are sprayed with pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, and a whole bevy of other chemicals. This means that you can have the intention to detox your body, but then you could be simultaneously introducing new toxins into your body.

The Dangers of Unregulated Toxins
When toxins accumulate in the body, they can easily cause disease. In fact, foreign toxins have been known to cause health issues such as cancer, cardiac problems, allergies, immune disorders, viral and bacterial infections, and a great number of other injurious conditions. Toxins can even cause mental health issues such as depression.

There are homeopathic and natural remedies that help the body detoxify naturally. Some of these remedies involve advanced energy healing techniques similar to those proposed by Dr. Masaru Emoto. Other products work to bolster the body’s natural detoxification agents. These remedies can improve the function of organs such as the kidney, liver, gallbladder, and many others.

Benefits of a Toxin-Free Body
A toxin-free body protects you against vicious disease, and also helps alleviate problems associated with allergies, muscle cramps, edema and fatigue. If you embark on a detox program, you’ll notice that you feel livelier, more refreshed, and healthier. It’s very likely you’ll benefit from a boost of energy.

Groundbreaking work in vibrational frequencies and energy fields has resulted in products that work to detoxify the body through homeopathic methods. These methods, which have been proven by scientists around the world, work to program healing frequencies within the body, thereby helping the body flush out toxins and stay healthy.

Dr Dzung Price is a holistic integrative medical doctor, specializing in personal energy optimization, nutrition, and fast detoxifying strategies. She is the author of “Your Allergy Free Child”, “7 Day Detox Guide” and “Younger, Healthier Skin at Any Age.” For energy boosting tools, tips and strategies go to www.ChiHealthInnovations.com/fastdetoxing