Quips ‘N’ Quotes


Quips’ N’ Quotes has been bringing smiles and offering a personalized shopping experience to the Rio Grande Valley for over 50 years. Over the decades, this cherished establishment with two locations in McAllen and Harlingen has been the spot for locals seeking unique finds and warm and welcoming in-person charm.

“Customers can find a little bit of everything here,” David Leahy, store owner, said. “We have women’s clothing, jewelry, baby gifts, wedding gifts, toys, religious gifts and more.”

Store owners attend various gift shows annually to buy for the stores.

“We also base gift selection on national trends and feedback from our customers. They tell us what they like or don’t like and give us suggestions on items we should carry.”

Leahy added that his parents started the business 50 years ago. His dad, Bruce Leahy, is still the owner and opened Quips’  N’ Quotes to create merchandise stories within the store.

“It gives the customer a sense of being in a department store but with better lighting and innovative design.”

The storefront is a treasure trove for those searching for that elusive perfect gift or a little something for themselves. There are quirky novelties and elegant keepsakes, and the store’s diverse inventory ensures there is something for every taste and occasion.

In recent years, online shopping has posed challenges for brick-and-mortar stores, but Quips’  N’ Quotes has remained strong and faced those challenges. The store has adjusted how they promote and utilize social media for a more significant reach. The store has also implemented a rewards program that customers enjoy, and the store produces three different catalogs annually.

“Online shopping has affected us a little,” David said. “But we also feel that people like to touch and feel products along with having personal contact with others.”

The family has embraced technology to reach more customers but cherishes the face-to-face interactions that make Quips ‘N’ Quotes unique.

David and his family firmly believe that human connection and personalized in-store assistance are irreplaceable aspects of the shopping journey. The family strives to make every visit memorable, whether helping someone find the perfect gift or simply sharing a laugh over a fun find.

“We offer personal services such as gift wrapping, phone orders, and customer special orders for merchandise not in stock.”

“We have many returning, regular customers who enjoy the convenience and small business camaraderie within our stores.”

Quips’  N’ Quotes continues to adapt its business to satisfy customer needs, but it hasn’t compromised its core values. The store has found innovative ways to connect with customers, enhanced its social media presence, and emphasized that its in-store experience remains unparalleled.

Selene Guerrero