Raise Your Engineering Notebooks


Sci Tech opened in August 1989. It offers a nationally-recognized academic program focusing on the math and science career fields, such as architecture, engineering and computer science. The school is in partnership with Project Lead the Way, Inc., a national pre-engineering program in which students can receive college credit beginning their freshman year.

For more than two decades, it has been a requirement at Sci Tech that seniors take the EDD course in order to develop,  present, and defend a solution to a real-world problem by utilizing the engineering process.

sciTechWeb“Technology surrounds us like a blanket. It’s everywhere,” said Dale Coalson, an engineering instructor at Sci Tech. Coalson’s background is in industrial technology, and he was among the first teachers at the school charged with establishing its first engineering, design and development program in 1989.

“We had our first EDD class in 1992, and it was called Research and Development. It was very similar. They presented in the spring of 1993. The 1992-93 school year was our first graduating class at Science Academy,” Coalson said. “It would look almost identical to what we are doing now, except now we are using more advanced audio-visual equipment. The same process is applied. They stood with the same intent, to tell how they uncovered a problem, how they solved a problem, built it and tested it.”

Up until this year, the EDD class involved the presentation of projects in class. This year, however, Science Academy decided to alter the EDD presentation process in an effort to make it even more impactful – thus the idea of a campus-wide ‘EDD Presents’ Conference.

Whereas EDD projects and presentations were previously completed on an individual student basis, this year’s seniors were able to work in groups of two to three to investigate and develop an innovative idea. During the conference, the student groups presented to underclassmen, parents, and judges, all of whom had a technical or engineering background.