Raise Your Engineering Notebooks


Presentations were judged according to prototype, testing results and presentation.

“It’s not a requirement for graduation, but the Science Academy has historically levied certain classes which we felt were important to the number of math classes, science classes, engineering classes,” Coalson said. “In their senior year, a senior takes EDD, which is known as the capstone course. That course is the process engineers use to uncover, create, build, test and present their ideas. They also take another class. It can be architecture, computer integrated manufacturing, biotechnical engineering, etc.”

“They are all required to stand and deliver because this is their final presentation,” Coalson said.

Allowing seniors to work collaboratively with peers, and to showcase their work to an audience, introduced a fresh energy into the EDD process. “In comparison to the past and what EDD was last year, this year has definitely been an improvement,” said Brittany Garza, a senior at Sci Tech.

Providing underclassmen with a window into the EDD process early on has made a difference as well. Garza said, “You can see the underclassmen becoming a lot more engaged. It has given them an opportunity to see what actually happens.”

Being among the first underclassmen to experience the seniors’ presentations, Samia Daghestani, a sophomore, said it has allowed her to gather her own ideas, and given her the chance to make note of the great chemistry the group members had with each other. It made her understand that as a senior she needs to develop that same interaction, she said.

“The upperclassmen are the role models. They raise the bar and make the underclassmen want to achieve the high expectations they have already set,” Daghestani said.

 2013 Science Academy AP Scholars:

  • 67 AP Scholars

  • 20 AP Scholars w/ Honors

  • 30 AP Scholars w/ Distinction

  • 9 National AP Scholars


High expectations are what drew Daghestani to Sci Tech to begin with. “What attracted me to the school was hearing about Science Academy from different people and realizing that it definitely is a challenge to be here,” she said. “I wanted to experience that and to take that challenge. I wanted to see what benefits simply coming here would give me.”