Reliable Internet


Connectivity and the ability to access the internet are essential for businesses that aspire to remain competitive in the digital era. Moreover, a business requires a high-quality, dependable service tailored to its needs. VTX1 offers tailored internet solutions that cater to the unique digital needs of its clients.

With the modernization of the workplace, the prevalence of technologies dependent on the internet has become commonplace. Regardless, a business’s internet usage will vary from company to company.

“Businesses rely on high-quality, high-speed internet for video conferencing, cloud-based applications and large data transfers,” said Joe Robles, marketing communications supervisor.

VTX1 provides customized solutions for each client based on individual needs. Some companies only require reliable communication services, while others require vast quantities of internet usage or bandwidth. Through customization, a business avoids overpaying for internet amounts it does not need while having the right service to fulfill its operations effectively. This helps to maximize a business’s productivity by smoothing its functioning.

“A tailored internet solution fits a business’s unique needs. It increases efficiency, boosts productivity and keeps the costs in check. At VTX1 Internet, we’re not about one-size-fits-all; we’re about customizing to make your business shine. VTX1 Internet’s adaptable internet offerings benefit various businesses, including small enterprises, large corporations, government entities and industries like health care, finance, and manufacturing,” said Robles.

One benefit VTX1 provides businesses with is its use of fiber technology to deliver enhanced internet access, with an increase in reliability and data transfer rate. This is compared to traditional cable technology, which is more prone to outages. This reliability is advantageous to any business, helping prevent inconvenient delays and technical difficulties. However, it is even more crucial in industries where uninterrupted access to the internet is of critical importance, such as the medical sector, where lives depend on the viability of utilizing technology.

“Fiber is crucial for businesses with high data demands. Industries such as health care, manufacturing, finance, and professional services benefit from fiber internet. Entrepreneurs and those who run businesses out of their homes especially need reliable high-speed internet,” said Robles.

VTX1’s devotion to providing proficient internet service extends far beyond the city’s reach, delivering the same standard and adaptability of service to remote, rural areas where internet access is otherwise not present.

“At VTX1 Internet, we are committed to addressing the diverse internet needs of businesses, including those in more remote areas. We take pride in being the first to deploy Next Generation Fixed Wireless Access (ngFWA) technology, powered by Tarana in Texas, providing reliable connectivity to the businesses and entrepreneurs that need it most, those in remote and rural areas,” said Patrick McDonnell, VTX1 Internet CEO.

Looking to the future, VTX1 seeks to continue delivering the highest-quality internet service to its clients while continuously increasing the capabilities of the internet it provides.

“VTX1 Internet anticipates advancements in business internet usage. We plan to stay at the forefront by adopting emerging technologies, enhancing speed and reliability, and ensuring our clients are well-equipped for the evolving digital landscape,” said Robles.


Rafael Mendoza-Farias Jr.