Revolutionizing Surgical Care


South Texas Health System (STHS) stands at the forefront of innovative medical care. Offering a paradigm shift in surgical procedures, STHS offers patients advanced robotic-assisted surgical techniques at South Texas Health System Edinburg and STHS Heart that have proven to enhance surgical precision.

“STHS Edinburg was the first facility to start robotic surgery (in the Rio Grande Valley) in 2016,” said Bob Saggi, MD, FACS, a board-certified general surgery specialist with STHS Clinics. “And we’re the first hospital in the Rio Grande Valley to have more than one robot; we currently have two in our surgery department.”

STHS Edinburg has been recognized as a Center of Excellence in minimally invasive, robotics and hernia surgery by the Surgical Review Corporation (SRC), a nonprofit patient safety organization. This recognition underscores the hospital’s commitment to excellent patient care and the mastery of advanced surgical techniques and ensures the highest safety and efficacy standards.

With its magnified 3D view and precise instrumentation, robotic-assisted surgery allows for greater accuracy in intricate procedures, reducing the risk of complications and improving surgical outcomes.

Robot-assisted procedures also reduce trauma to the body. With small incisions, patients experience reduced blood loss during surgery. The minimally invasive nature of these procedures often translates to shorter hospital stays, faster recovery times, and reduced post-operative pain.

Dr. Saggi added that patients who undergo robotic-assisted surgeries often report higher satisfaction rates due to reduced scarring, quicker recovery, and a faster return to their daily routines. The ability to resume normal activities sooner contributes significantly to an improved quality of life.

The average hospital stay for patients undergoing robotic surgeries was shortened by 40%, facilitating a quicker return to their daily lives and activities.

“Robotic surgery allows us to help patients heal while getting them back to their normal activities. While every patient is different, patients typically stay in the hospital one or two nights after their procedure and then return home to complete their recovery,” said Saggi. “Most patients find they have recovered fully within six weeks of surgery or less, depending on the nature of their procedure.”

In addition to providing the surgeon with a greater range of motion and dexterity and better access to the area being operated on, robotic surgery is less taxing on a surgeon’s body as well.

“When you compare robotic laparoscopy to open surgery of the same type on the more significant incisions, there’s less strain on the surgeon’s body,” Dr. Saggi added to the additional benefits of the procedure. Surgeons can sit comfortably at a console compared to standing for four hours for a standard surgical procedure, that certainly takes a toll on a surgeon’s body.

“Those ergonomic things are important for surgeons, as we’ve heard a lot of surgeons before would have back problems and neck problems from standing with bad posture for a long period of time.”

These robotic-assisted surgeries facilitate complex surgeries across multiple specialties, including urology, gynecology, general surgery, and more. Its versatility and precision have empowered surgeons at STHS to tackle intricate procedures with heightened efficiency and improved patient outcomes.

At South Texas Health System, the commitment to innovation and patient-centered care is unwavering. With the pioneering adoption of robotic-assisted surgeries and its accreditation, STHS continues to redefine surgical excellence in the Rio Grande Valley, ensuring that patients receive the most advanced, precise, and compassionate care available.

“Having the latest and greatest technology available on the market, we’re able to provide our patients with greater access to complex surgical procedures and medical care that’s minimally invasive,” Dr. Saggi said.

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Selene Guerrero