RGV-AGC Celebrates Cinco de Mayo


What do you like best about RGV- AGC?

Andrew Behaine, Quality Metals

“The experience here at AGC has been very warm welcoming. I’ve made some really good connections. I was actually studying which one of the chapters in Texas was one of the strongest ones, the most organized. And it happened to be this one.”

Krista Chapa, Memco:

“I recommend AGC because of Joey Trevino and Laura. They put on amazing events for networking and they have great connections with safety firms. A lot of different people come through their doors. A lot of great connections.”

What would you say to someone considering joining the AGC?

Andrew Behaine:

“Coming over here, being a hub, a central point, to being able to make contact, and make friends, along the way of doing business, is the best way to enjoy your career.”

Krista Chapa:

“If you would like to be part of the AGC, give our local office here in Harlingen a call. I’m sure they would love to sign you up as a member.”