Rodeo Dental Transforms Patient Care 


Rodeo Dental, a company founded with a commitment to patient care, was originally based in Fort Worth, Texas. However, upon discovering the Valley, the company immediately connected to the region.

“Bottom line, the Rio Grande Valley is the heartbeat of our company,” said Chief Dental Officer and Co-founder Dr. Yahya Mansour. “We have 15 offices throughout the Valley from Rio Grande City to Brownsville to provide the access.”

“We’ve worked to become part of the fabric,” Dr. Mansour said. “It’s such a rich culture in the Valley. Our doctors and patients are the community. A lot of companies come into a community but don’t put into it. When you have 15 offices and about 40 doctors who are involved in the community in everything from ‘Dentists Who Care’ to local organizations helping the population, it really sticks and stones to our company.”

Rodeo Dental has a more significant presence in the Rio Grande Valley than in Fort Worth, where it was founded.

“The need is there in the Valley,” he said. “We want people to not only be healthier but happier. There is an emotional component to dentistry that we can really fulfill.”

Integrating state-of-the-art techniques and modern approaches in dental care is crucial for Rodeo Dental to become a local leader. The ability to perform dental surgery in almost every clinic has been a game-changer, bringing many advantages.

“Having office-based anesthesia is a key component to access care,” he said. “We have an epidemic of severe early childhood Caries, which is the No. 1 cause of missed school hours in the entire country. More children miss school from Caries than from the common cold, the flu, and asthma.”

Caries, also known as cavities, occur due to tooth decay. A number of factors, such as baby bottle tooth decay, nursing bottle caries, night bottle mouth, and night bottle caries, can cause this.

“It’s very important that kids have healthy mouths so they can have healthy bodies,” Dr. Mansour said. “General anesthesia is key to ER visits with pain or abscess and issues like that.”

The dentist and patient decide when to use anesthesia. Operating within the office provides significant benefits.

“It’s a choice that the doctor and patient’s family make together,” Dr. Mansour said. “Sometimes parents are really young. Sometimes, there is a medical issue or behavioral issue that inhibits care, or it’s just an invasive surgery. Those are sometimes that general anesthesia becomes a more attractive option.”

He explained that people often fear leaving the dentist’s office and seeking medical attention elsewhere, even when necessary.

“Any time someone here’s the word ‘hospital’ there is a little bit of tension and anxiety,” he said. “The familiarity of knowing your dentist, their office, and the front desk staff breeds a sense of calm. When we have all that familiarity, it’s another layer of convenience and comfort and ultimately patient experience.”

Nathaniel Mata