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Before Veronica Ontiveros was a licensed real estate broker and owner of NextHome RGV Realty and the CEO and president of MedCare EMS, she was helping her family sell jewelry at Bargain Bazaar on North 23rd Street in McAllen. In addition, she was assisting her parents flip houses — ultimately preparing Ontiveros for her career. 

Ontiveros has been in the real estate business for the past 17 years. Today, she has three Next Home Realty offices in the Rio Grande Valley, serving both Cameron and Hidalgo counties. Currently, NextHome RGV Realty has a staff of 32 with 28 licensed agents within two years. Nationally, NextHome Realty has nearly 550 offices with plans to open an international office in Mexico. 

“My family grew up middle class. We grew up humble,” Ontiveros said. “(My parents) would purchase these small frame homes and rent them out. My brothers were cutting the lawns, my sister and I were painting. We were flipping properties, whether we knew it or not, and then, in the end, it would encourage me to get into real estate without knowing that I had already been exposed all those years.”

For the past three years, she has been the CEO and president of MedCare EMS, an emergency medical company offering 24/7 9-1-1 public health services that was founded by Ontiveros’s late husband 25 years ago. MedCare EMS is the largest emergency 9-1-1 company in South Texas and provides services for the city of McAllen for free. The company is also one of the only EMS providers that carries whole blood to the cities of Edinburg, McAllen, Mission, Hidalgo, San Juan, La Joya, Alamo, Donna, Linn, and San Manuel.

“My late husband was a licensed attorney, and he had a daughter that unfortunately passed away to cancer,” Ontiveros said. “That was the base of him forming this company because he was uninsured at the time when she developed the cancer of a brain tumor. Some services that were needed for her to live is where he saw the need for such services and witnessed it firsthand.” 

Between working in real estate and the medical field, Ontiveros said there are a lot of fulfilling moments she’s experienced. 

“MedCare does rewarding things every day that many people don’t see. We save lives every day, 24/7. Even when people are asleep, we’re out there saving lives,” she said. “The other rewarding thing, as far as real estate goes, is a lot of people have the American dream to purchase a home or to buy an investment. (Next Home Realty) makes those dreams happen for families. They need somewhere to live. They want to feel secure about their home and have ownership of their home. We build that dream for them.” 

Despite wearing many different hats, Ontiveros still finds time to take part in volunteer work, such as being the chairwoman-elect of Greater Mission Chamber of Commerce, president-elect for the Women’s Council of Realtors, and a member of the Historical Property Committee in Mission. 

Ontiveros explained the main motivation that keeps her going is the lesson her late husband taught her — leaving behind a legacy of helping others. Her legacy is something she works to bring and provide for her three sons as well. 

“Your legacy should be something honorable, whether it gets noticed or not from others,” Ontiveros said. “You want the ability for your children to understand that and for them to maybe continue. I want them to have dreams of their own.”

As for advice for future girls who wish to wear the hat of owner or CEO, Ontiveros encourages them to be persistent, determined, and to open doors to get to where they want to be. 

“Success is driven by your ability to grow,” she said. “Your success is driven on your growth rate versus what you already have. It’s more, ‘how much can you grow by?’ and ‘how is it still good?’ Not every growth is for the better. You have to think in terms of what type of growth can take you to the highest ability.” 

NextHome Realty can help people find their dream house. For more information, visit or Additionally, the realty office offers guidance to anyone looking to earn their real estate license. 

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