Rosabel Gonzalez: Helping Those in Pain


One of the real stars that you will meet if you visit Center for Pain Management is Mrs. Rosabel Gonzalez, Center for Pain Management’s Physician’s assistant. Since 2011, Mrs. Gonzalez has been working with the staff at CFPM to improve the quality of life of chronic pain sufferers in the Rio Grande Valley. “Our patients are very close to her, She is the embodiment of our philosophy to work together to manage the pain that our patients face”, said Mike Habig CEO of CFPM

Mrs. Gonzalez grew up in San Antonio and is bilingual – allowing her to better serve Spanish-speaking patients. She completed her Physician Assistant Studies from UTPA in Edinburg, Texas in 2007, and earned her Master’s Degree a few years later. Her training is focused on general internal and family medicine, which allows her to provide diagnostic and therapeutic options for Center for Pain Management patients.

Gonzalez began her career at the clinic as an assistant to Dr. Chowdhury. “Under his supervision, I increased my knowledge base on pain management and how a well put together control plan can improve the quality of life for a patient,” explained Gonzalez. After she completed her Physician Assistant training, she moved on to become Dr. Chowdhury’s right hand.

The experience she has gained while working at CFPM enables her to understand the many different aspects of chronic pain.

More than the physical effects, the psychological impact of continuous pain can disable you and make it difficult to work or even function throughout the day. Pain management when attacked the way it is at Center for Pain Management can help restore a patient’s lifestyle. The psychological impact on a patient who has been living in pain for a long time and suddenly doesn’t have to deal with the agony anymore is astonishing.

Mrs. Gonzalez was drawn to Center for Pain Management for the team’s comprehensive perspective to treating pain. She saw it as a real opportunity to make a difference in peoples’ lives.  “I really liked the sense of family that we have between the staff and patients. That kind of psychological support can make such a difference in how well a patient responds to our pain treatment plans of care.

For over 21 years, Center for Pain Management has developed a strong reputation among medical professionals in the Rio Grande Valley. It is known for outstanding standards of patient care and up to date treatment protocols. The varied and cutting edge techniques used at CFPM,  along with the dedicated staff and caring attitude have differentiated it from other clinics.

As part of the Center for Pain Management team, Rosabel hopes to continue on with this legacy of helping those living with pain lead better lives. “I hope to provide patients with a better understanding of their pain, and how we can manage their pain, together,” said Gonzalez. “Upon helping them manage their pain, the patient is well on their way to a better quality of life.” The slogan for CFPM is “Live Well Now”.  Mrs. Gonzalez has made it her life’s work to help patients do just that.