Royal Technologies: Building the World Around Us



You might want to sit down for this.

No, seriously. Have a seat. Pull up your favorite chair and take a load off. Now, think about where that seat comes from. Who designed it to support your back so nicely? Who turned it from raw material into a fully functional chair, and how?

We don’t often consider the origins of our furniture, or any everyday object for that matter. Some things are just there. And that’s exactly how they’re supposed to be, according to Trung Nguyen,  facility manager for the Royal Technologies site in Mission, Texas. “When a product is doing its job, you don’t notice it. It’s just a part of your life.”

Mr. Nguyen should know. Like some kind of Sharper Image Santa Claus, he oversees the Royal Technologies facility where ergonomic office chairs and sound-enhancing speaker boxes are manufactured. It’s also the origin of interior car parts, lightweight-yet-durable tool boxes, and even subwoofer casings. These products may not be topping many Christmas lists, but as Mr. Nguyen says, they make our lives seamless.

Mr. Nguyen’s facility is one of six Royal Technologies sites in the United States. Royal Technologies, an engineering and manufacturing company based out of Michigan, serves industries from automotive to office furniture to consumer products. We have them to thank for things like eco-friendly office chairs, longer-lasting upholstery cushions, and lightweight file compressors. We can also thank them for some of Mission’s recent economic and educational progress.


The company first came to Mission in 2012. They acquired Hi-Tech Plastics, adding about 30 technical jobs to the local economy. By 2014, Royal Technologies had built the 350,000-square-foot facility that Mr. Nguyen manages. With the facility came over 100 more jobs, relationships with major companies like Toyota, Stanley Black & Decker, and Panasonic, and the potential for even more economic growth.

Royal Technologies has also gotten involved in the local education scene. They recently partnered with the Mission Economic Development Council and Sylvan Learning Centers to launch Enginuity, a program that introduces elementary school students to engineering through hands-on activities. Enginuity is an effort to ramp up the local talent pool’s skills in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) areas. STEM jobs pay well and will only become more in demand; equipping more Mission citizens to be engineers is a smart investment.

Not surprisingly, the city of Mission has truly warmed to the company. Local organizations like the Mission EDC all but rolled out the red carpet for Royal Technologies, working closely with the company to ensure a smooth arrival and a stable future. Even the Mission Mayor showed his support for Royal Technologies at the facility’s ribbon cutting last year.

Mr. Nguyen isn’t surprised at his company’s strong relationship with the Mission community. “Character and trust are priorities at Royal Technologies,” he explains, “from whom we hire to how we support the communities where we work and live.” Like the products they manufacture, Royal Technologies wants to make life better. Think about that next time you sit in your office chair or get into your car – your world may never seem the same. Or, if Mr. Ngyuen has his way, your world will seem exactly the same – only a little easier.