Safely Storing Peace of Mind


How much money would you pay for peace of mind? At Freedom Vault, a high-value storage solution offered by the Affordable Attic Plus, the knowledge that your valuables will be safe and protected can come as economically as $7.50 a month.

“The innovative spirit at the Affordable Attic is something we treasure,” said Azael Gomez, the director of corporate development and marketing at Affordable Attic Plus. In 1995, the Affordable Attic was the first to bring climate-controlled storage units to the Rio Grande Valley along with control access gates, surveillance cameras, and top-quality service. The Affordable Attic is more than the traditional storage facility — and is now introducing high value storage as another first in the region.

The introduction of Freedom Vault provides an alternative to the traditional bank safety deposit boxes. Safeguarding items such as firearms, coin and currency collections, gold and precious metal, as well as all types of important documents is essential. At Freedom Vault, peace of mind is given by having valuables in a commercial vault to guard against burglary, home invasion, and natural disasters. Unlike traditional banking solutions, Freedom Vault is open six days a week with 24/7 after-hours services upon appointment.

There are many benefits to commercial private high-value storage. According to Bryant Stone with Commonwealth Vault & Safe Deposit Co. in a 2016 Loudoun Lifestyle article, “Even expensive, hard-to-crack home safes can be defeated by breaking into a home and forcing the owner to open them. If no one’s home, criminals who can’t crack a safe’s lock have been known to remove the entire safe and take it to a remote location to open.”

Government regulated banks also pose a risk to those who have bank safety deposit boxes. The 2015 banking crisis in Greece was a critical warning of what can occur when the banking system in any country is under government control. During this period in Greece, bank accounts as well as safety deposit boxes were frozen. Similarly, in the United States during The Great Depression of the 1930s, President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed EO #6102, forbidding the “hoarding of gold coin, gold bullion, and gold certificates” within the United States. This example of government involvement resulted in the confiscation for purchase by the government of all gold in safety deposit boxes.

Natural disasters are another reason for storing high-value items in a commercial-grade, secure vault. The flooding that struck the Rio Grande Valley in both 2018 and 2019 is a poignant example of the dangers of unexpected natural disasters. Disruptions after a natural disaster, including the loss of power outages and unoccupied or unlivable home environments, give rise to looting and thievery. As homeowners and apartment renters are preoccupied with the basic safety needs of their personal family, safeguarding tangible valuable assets in a home or apartment becomes much more challenging. High-value items stored in a private commercial vault provide added peace of mind during the aftermath of natural disasters.

Unlike a bank, Freedom Vault has designed a proprietary FV Security Protocol, which takes security to the next level. “It is basically designed like a bunker with 1-foot-thick, steel-reinforced walls along with numerous other security systems,” Gomez said. “We are an alternative to traditional bank safety deposit boxes.” Whereas banks and banking law can limit the items that can be stored in bank safety deposit boxes, Freedom Vault, a self-storage trademark, does not fall under the restrictions of banking law. As a division of the Affordable Attic Plus Self Storage, every locker and safe box legally has the same protection as that of a personal residence. This affords the customer the highest legal protection under the law for the belongings within each safe box.

“At banks, most people believe items in their safety deposit box are insured,” Gomez said. “The FDIC insures bank accounts up to $250,000, yet the contents of safety deposit boxes are not insured.” However, Freedom Vault boxes are insured up to $5,000 for each box and locker, with additional unlimited insurance for valuables easily able to be purchased online through the Safety Deposit Box Insurance Coverage, LLC. SDBIC has partnered with AXA ART, the world’s leading art and collectibles insurance specialist, to offer this unique new insurance solution available in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

The Affordable Attic Self Storage currently has 10 locations throughout the Rio Grande Valley, with the 11th under construction on Ridge Road in Pharr. Currently, Freedom Vaults are located at both the Harlingen and Edinburg Affordable Attic Self Storage facilities, with a third vault coming to the Pharr location this year. Freedom Vault provides an excellent alternative to a bank or home vault. One visit to the latest and most innovative private vault in South Texas will be more than enough to convince anyone that Freedom Vault is the best place to store your valuable items.

To learn more about Freedom VaultTM by Affordable Attic PlusTM, visit or call 877-433-4797.

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