Say “Ahhhh.”


Find health and relaxation at the dentist

The office is in one of Harlingen’s most historic buildings. A chandelier hangs in the lobby. Art hangs on the wall. Soft music plays. Smiling faces greet you, ready to help make your visit a pleasant experience. While this may be a familiar first impression for a professional office, visitors may be surprised to learn that this is a dentistry.

“Our goal has been exactly that,” Dr. Brenda Landeros said. “We strive every day to make this environment different from the stereotypical dental office. Our goal is to have our patients be comfortable and feel at ease.”

Few people can say that they haven’t had a fear of dentists at some point in their lives. That fear often causes people to avoid dental care, which allows problems to grow worse. “We see it all the time, that people are afraid,” she said. “We take that on as a challenge.”

Easing Fears
Someone who has avoided dental care may need significant, and at times expensive, treatment. Landeros knows the story well, frequently meeting new patients who have difficulty overcoming their fears. “That person might not be ready — financially or emotionally,” Landeros said. “It may take time, maybe years to get them there. First it’s our responsibility to help maintain or help get them to a healthy dental state.”


Valley Family Dentistry offers a full range of dental services, with treatment plans tailored to individual patient needs. An initial visit to Valley Family Dentistry typically includes a conversation with the patient to explore their history and identify any fears of dentistry they may have. Landeros frequently sees patients who have ignored dental treatment out of fear.

“Our goal is to first talk with them,” she said. “We ask why they have fears. Many times it’s because of a bad previous experience. The patient may feel better just talking about things. A patient can offer a lot of information that won’t come up in a dental questionnaire.”
Spend a Day at the Dental Spa

Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 1.54.57 PMLanderos is among a growing number of dentists throughout the country who try to create a soothing atmosphere that helps them treat patients’ fears as well as their oral health — sometimes known as a dental spa. Every detail of the Valley Family Dentistry office, from the lobby to the treatment rooms, has been carefully designed by Landeros and her team to help apprehensive patients overcome their fears of dental work.

“We have candles and fresh flowers when we can,” she said. “We try to create a soft touch to the environment.”

The relaxing atmosphere extends right into the treatment rooms, where massage chairs and aromatherapy help to alleviate tension.

“The dental chairs are massage chairs,” Landeros said. “It’s very subtle as it massages the lumbar and the back. A lot of patients don’t even realize it’s on. It’s very subtle.”

At the heart of the experience, of course, is the serious business of providing good dental health care.


Oral Health For All

Licensed as a dentist in 2006 after graduating from Baylor College of Dentistry in Dallas, Landeros has been the sole owner of Valley Family Dentistry since 2010. Four years ago, the Valley native moved her practice into the historic Reese Building in downtown Harlingen.

Education is part of the personal touch she provides to her patients. Landeros said she strives to help patients take responsibility for their own dental health.

“It’s very important to me that the patient knows exactly what is going on,” she said. “They feel like they are part of the team, part of the decision making. It becomes a matter of trust.”


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