Serving the Community


Sarah Hammond was born from two high school sweethearts, Rogelio and Yolanda Sagredo. Rogelio joined the Air Force after her older brother, Rogelio “Roy” Sagredo Jr., was born. After serving for about five years, her father left the military and moved his family back home to Donna, Texas. Soon he started working for an electrical company. In 1982, he decided he was going start his own company.

“We worked the company out of the house,” Sagredo-Hammond said.

“My mom was the accountant. My dad and my brother were technicians. My dad then became a master electrician and a master contractor. And my brother, by the time he was 12, could wire a house by himself,” Sagredo-Hammond said.

The family all played a part in running the business. Sagredo-Hammond worked the books and dispatched, helping her mother after school and on weekends.

In 1997 when she was 25 years old, Sagredo-Hammond was essentially the chief financial officer, handling all of the financial processes and responsibilities of the company on her own.

In 2004, the company became a corporation entitled Atlas Electrical and Air Conditioning Incorporated.

The company downsized in 2008 when the recession affected many businesses. Sagredo-Hammond’s dad asked her to do what she could to keep the company alive. She was able to successfully keep the business moving forward.

Then in 2011, Sagredo-Hammond’s mother suffered a stroke that left her partially paralyzed.

“My dad became the sole provider for my mother. So in 2012, I took over the company (as president) so my dad could focus on my mom.”

In addition to electrical and air conditioning, refrigeration services were added in 2014, and plumbing services in 2016.

“We are focused on serving our community, meaning that we lead with donations and contributions to our community,” she said. It’s these actions that set Atlas apart from other companies in their industry.

”We truly believe that the only way to grow is to help our community prosper. So we donate to a lot of local sports teams, local kids programs, and we help in any way we can by donating to local scholarships and we are very involved in our community.”

Sagredo-Hammond also serves on several local boards focused on helping women grow their business. As a female leader in a male-dominated field, Sagredo-Hammond has faced many challenges.

“I’ve had all kinds of encounters such as male customers telling me in the beginning that they didn’t want to speak to me. They wanted to talk to the man in charge,” Sagredo-Hammond said.

“I’ve had technicians and applicants who didn’t come back to work when they found out that it was a woman leading the company.”

Sagredo-Hammond also serves on a national organization called “Women in HVAC” as treasurer.

“It’s very important to me, to collaborate and to work within my field and to be able to have mentorship and mentor other women in this field,” she said.

“We have an ambassador program through ‘Women in HVAC’ where we go out to schools and we encourage other females to become involved. I have hired a master electrician who was a female, and my master plumber is a female,” Sagredo-Hammond said.

“I truly believe in anyone, man or woman, because we are all capable of being great technicians and great leaders in our community. And I truly invest in both parties as much as possible.”

This family-owned business prioritizes the community’s needs. Atlas is run by Sarah and Roy Sagredo Jr., who serves as vice president. Their father is the acting owner.

Atlas Electrical, Air Conditioning, Refrigeration, and Plumbing serves the Rio Grande Valley and are based out of Alton. The company’s reviews on its website speak for themselves. Visit, or call 956-758-3669 for more information.


Jillian Cameron