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Dr. Andre Acuna and Dr. Anessa Acuña, co-founders of Doctor’s Physical Therapy & Sports Institute (DPTSI), have dedicated their physical therapy careers to bridging the gap between physical rehabilitation and athletic performance.

“After several years of combined work experience, extensive education, and numerous specialized certifications, we have found the formula that connects our community to our physical therapy industry. Not only do we help clients in the post-surgical and post injury care, we also provide them a world of sports performance, injury prevention, occupational training, and medically supervised exercise,” Dr. Andre Acuña said.

The DPTSI clinic, located at 5216 S. Jackson Road in Edinburg, was created under one vision: to give patients “the results you want and the care you deserve,” according to its website. Staying true to this gold standard, DPTSI therapists have successfully helped many clients recover from injuries and post-surgical care.

Assisting clients reclaim their lives, by getting back to their normal activities was a passion for Dr. Andre Acuña. “We were often asked by our patients if they could continue exercising under our guided care at our physical therapy facility, but we were unable to fulfill those wishes due to space constraints and patient privacy restrictions — until now,” he said.

DPTSI FIT is established under one vision, “purpose-driven movements for optimal functional results,” its website reads. At their, newly renovated, DPTSI FIT location located on 9120 N. 23rd St. in McAllen, you will find a functional fitness gym open to anyone looking for medically guided exercise with science-driven workouts and proven results.

“We are available to tailor any given workout to a person’s specific needs without the generalized ‘cookie-cutter’ approach that you may find elsewhere,” Dr. Andre Acuña said. Onsite, the team offers members the In-Body 570 composition analyzer, a functional movement screen, and the ability to participate in any circuit-based, small-group classes that have heart-rate monitoring and calorie-burn tracking.

“You can also download our free DPTSI FIT app from your app store and create a free profile to experience the great options our integrative app and gym has to offer,” Dr. Anessa Acuña said.

DPTSI FIT’s circuit-based classes are structured around the core fundamental movements of squatting, lunging, hip hinging, posterior chain muscle activation, trunk rotational and anti-rotation stability, shoulder mobility, and lateral agility motions. Every class is structured around these fundamental movements and includes variations and progressions of each movement. Classes include proper guidance and usage of kettle bells, barbells, dumbbells, self-powered endurance machines, medicine balls, battle ropes, and much more.

“We also offer mobility and yoga classes focused on a combination of multiple methods of stretching, muscle pain release, foam rolling, and movement quality improvement to promote improvement of posture and biomechanical motions,” Dr. Andre Acuña said.

DPTSI FIT provides a one-stop shop for your body’s recovery and rejuvenation needs by providing alternative rehabilitation options such as cupping therapy, quick stretch adjustments, dry needling, soft tissue massage, and other wellness options.

“We understand the importance of promoting blood flow, relaxation, pain mitigation, and health and wellness along with your fitness and weight-loss journey,” Dr. Andre Acuña said. “We want our community to have a holistic approach to wellness and health care, but also feel like they are getting the best possible care for the most affordable cost.” The clinic also affiliates with local strength and conditioning coaches as well as nutrition and dietician experts to integrate tailored plans into clients’ health and fitness goals.

Drs. Andre and Anessa Acuña hope their type of practice will spark a wave that fitness gyms and training facilities will want to emulate: incorporating medically guided exercises into every gym goer’s journey to health and wellness.

“We need to do better for our neighbors who have failed to find that perfect program to assist them in their weight loss and fitness journey,” Dr. Andre Acuña said. “For those who have become frustrated and have lost hope due to their bad experience, we want you to know that we are here to help you get back on track, safely! Exercise is not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ concept and when starting a fitness program, it is important to identify the unique needs for your body. This is something we as physical therapists and movement experts can help you to identify — and prevent any injury from occurring.”

For more information on Doctor’s Physical Therapy & Sports Institute, go to or call (956) 205-2704.